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  • I am extremely busy and have to be picky with trades now. I'm really only interested in acquring RARE or HARD-TO-FIND games or games from the CURRENT NBA, NFL, MLB seasons that I missed and havent had a chance to acquire yet. Please feel free to send me your list anyways and I'll take a look and see if there's anything I need.


  • I trade with people all over the world. Some DVDs may be encoded with a region code intended to restrict the area of the world in which they can be played. What this means to you is that some of my games (about 20%) may not be region 1 (aka PAL Format) and as a result may not play on your United States DVD players, unless you have a region-free DVD player. Some DVD players are region free or can be converted to region-free. If this may be an issue for you, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ADVISING ME BEFORE I SHIP SO I CAN CHECK FOR YOU WHICH GAMES ARE REGION FREE AND WHICH GAMES ARE NOT. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE APPLICABLE TECHNOLOGY TO PLAY THESE DISCS. 


Here is a link that gives more information about region 1 & non region 1 DVDs:



About My Rating System

Rating quality is subjective and is based on my personal opinion and experience of collecting and viewing thousands of games. For me, rating games is pretty simple. I go in expecting "C" quality - as you can see I rate most games "C." If it is better than expected, it gets a "B," or worse than expected a "D." If the quality blows my mind with how good it is, it gets an "A,"and if it blows my mind with how bad it is, it gets an "F."


Also keep in mind, I tend to rate relative to the era of the game. Meaning, if I have a game from the 60's or 70's, I know DVD/VHS recorders weren't as prevalent back then so I understand the quality may be lacking. If the quality is decent for it's time then I would rate it a "C". But if it was the same quality for a more recent game, i.e. 2010, it would get a lower grade because the technology has developed.


Some games have commercials, some of them do not. Some games have pre-game, post-game and halftime shows, some do not. I’m too lazy to categorize this part of the collection. If it is important to you if the games you are interested in have these features or not, please ask and I will check for you.


I trade game for game, no matter how many discs the game may be on. In some cases you may see I note a game as "RARE"  This means I will only trade this game for another rare or uncommon game.



Here is the quality key:

(A quality) - DVD quality (Sharp, digital, perfect quality - it is extremely rare for me to rate a game this good, pretty much only remastered commercial DVDs get this rating)

(B quality) - Excellent DVD/VHS quality (very smooth, clear, no shaking, no VHS lines, Basically Grade A video-tape quality w/out being DVD - Near DVD quality; games I record off TV on to DVD get this rating)

(C quality) - Average video-tape/VHS quality (Blurry, some fuzziness, generally what you think of when you hear video-tape/VHS quality - It's not bad quality, it's just average)

(D quality) - Below average video-tape/VHS quality (Fuzzy and grainy, VHS "lines" may be present, shaky sometimes - I would suggest upgrading the quality at some point – Keep in mind it's still watchable, just the quality is not great)

(F quality) - Pretty much unwatchable. Any games rated this bad I would throw out – None of my games are rated this bad





All of my games are original broadcasts, unless otherwise noted.

If the game is a re-broadcast, it may be edited.



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