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Michael Jordan Games

NBA Finals

1991 NBA Finals Bulls vs. Lakers (Complete – All 5 Games) (C quality)

MJ 31 ppg series avg; Game 2: MJ’s famous switch hands lay-up; Note: I also have the Bulls '91 Championship Park Celebration (RARE)


1992 NBA Finals Bulls vs. Blazers (Complete – All 6 Games) (C quality)

MJ 36 ppg series avg; Game 1: MJ’s famous shrug after dropping 6 3’s; Note: I also have the Bulls '92 Championship Park Celebration (RARE)


1993 NBA Finals Bulls vs. Suns (Complete – All 6 Games) (C quality)

MJ 41 ppg series avg; Game 4: MJ’s 55 pts; Note: I also have the Bulls '93 Championship Park Celebration


1996 NBA Finals Bulls vs. Sonics (Complete – All 6 Games) (C quality)

MJ 27 ppg series avg.; Note: I also have the Bulls '96 Championship Park Celebration


1997 NBA Finals Bulls vs. Jazz (Complete – All 6 Games) (C quality)

MJ 32 ppg series avg; Game 5: MJ (38 pts) & famous flu game; Note: I also have the Bulls '97 Championship Park Celebration


1998 NBA Finals Bulls vs. Jazz (Complete - All 6 Games) (C quality)

MJ 33 ppg series avg; Game 6: MJ (45 pts) & final game for Bulls; Note: I also have the Bulls '98 Championship Park Celebration



1986 EC 1st Rd Bulls vs. Celtics Games 1 and 2 Game 1: MJ 49 pts; Game 2: MJ's playoff record 63 pt. game (Both C quality)

1988 EC 1st Bulls vs. Cavs Game 3 MJ 38 pts (C quality)

1988 ECSF Bulls vs. Pistons Games 3 and 5 Game 3: MJ 24 pts; Game 5: MJ 25 pts (Both C quality, Game 5 is rebroadcast)

1989 EC 1st Rd Bulls vs. Cavs Games 4 and 5  Game 4: MJ 50 pts; Game 5: MJ Hits "The Shot" (I have both the original broadcast - C quality and ESPNCL replay - B quality)

1989 ECSF Bulls vs. Knicks Game 6 MJ 40pts. (NBATV replay - B quality)

1989 ECF Bulls vs. Pistons Games 3 & 6 Game 3: MJ 46 pts & GW shot; Game 6: MJ 32 pts (NBATV replay - B quality)

1990 ECSF Bulls vs. 76ers Games (Complete - All 5 Games) MJ series avg. 43 ppg  (C quality)

1991 EC 1st Rd  Bulls vs. Knicks (Complete - All 3 Games) MJ series avg. 29 ppg Game 3: Famous "Jordan baseline dunk" on Ewing (C quality)

1991 ECSF Bulls vs. 76ers Games 1, 3, and 5 MJ: Game 1 (29 pts); Game 3 (46pts) & Game 5 (37 pts) (All C quality)

1991 ECF Bulls vs. Pistons (Complete - All 4 Games) MJ series avg. 29 ppg; Game 4: Pistons walk-off the court w/ seconds left in disgust after getting swept (C quality)

1992 EC 1st Rd Bulls vs. Heat (Complete - All 3 Games) MJ series avg. 48 ppg (Games 1 and 2 are original broadcasts - both C quality; Game 3 is ESPNCL replay - B quality)

1992 ECSF  Bulls vs. Knicks  (Complete - All 7 Games) MJ series avg. 31 ppg (C quality)

1992 ECF Bulls vs. Cavs Game 6  MJ 29 pts. (C quality)

1993 EC 1st Bulls vs Hawks Game 3 (replay - B quality)

1993 ECSF Bulls vs Cavs Game 4 MJ hits "The Shot II" (C quality)

1993 ECF Bulls vs. Knicks (Complete - All 6 Games) MJ series avg. 32 ppg; Includes the famous John Starks dunk (C quality)

1995 ECSF Bulls vs. Magic (6 game series, missing game 4) MJ gets eliminated by Shaq & the Magic after returning mid-season from first retirement (C quality)

1996 ECSF Bulls vs. Knicks Game 3 MJ 46 pts (ESPNCL replay - C quality)

1996 ECF Bulls vs. Magic Games 2 & 4 Game 4: MJ 45 pts (C quality)

1997 EC 1st Rd Bulls vs. Bullets Game 3 MJ 28 pts. (NBATV replay - B quality)

1998 ECF Pacers vs. Bulls Games 4 and 7 Game 4: MJ 28 pts but Reggie Miller hits GW 3-pointer (I have both the original - C quality and ESPNCL replay - B quality); Game 7: MJ 29 pts & is the original broadcast (C quality) 

Regular Season

Oct. 26th, 1984 Bulls vs. Bullets MJ 16 pts & regular season debut; COMPLETE GAME (VERY RARE; B quality)

Oct. 27th, 1984 Bulls vs. Bucks MJ 21 pts & 2nd NBA game (C quality)

Oct. 29th, 1984 Bulls vs. Bucks MJ 37 pts & 3rd NBA game (Missing last :30 sec/game - C quality)

Nov. 7th, 1984 Bulls vs. Pistons MJ 25 pts & 6th NBA game (C quality)

Nov. 8th, 1984 Bulls vs. Knicks MJ 33 pts & 7th NBA game (C quality)

Nov. 13th, 1984 Bulls vs. Spurs MJ 45 pts & 9th NBA game (C quality)

Feb. 1st, 1985 Bulls vs. 76ers Rookie MJ (31 pts) vs rookie Charles Barkley and Dr. J (C quality)

Oct. 25th, 1985 Bulls vs. Cavs MJ 29 pts & George Gervin's regular season Bulls' debut (replay - B quality)

Nov. 14th, 1986 Bulls vs. Celtics MJ (48 pts) vs. Bird (37 pts) (C quality)

Nov. 21st, 1986 Bulls vs. Knicks MJ 40 pts & GW shot (replay - B quality)

Dec. 10th, 1986 Hawks vs. Bulls MJ (41 pts.) vs Dominique Wilkins (57 pts.) (replay of second half only - B quality)

Dec. 25th, 1986 Bulls vs. Knicks MJ 30 pts; Ewing GW buzzer-beater (replay - B quality)

Jan. 2nd, 1987 Bulls vs. Celtics MJ 34 pts (C quality)

Feb. 12th, 1987 Bulls vs. Jazz MJ 47 pts & "Was he big enough for ya?!" dunk on 7-footer Mel Turpin game (C quality)

March 16th, 1987 Bulls vs. Rockets MJ 44 pts (C quality)

Nov. 3rd, 1987 Pre-season Bulls vs. Lakers MJ 36 pts in the "Hall of Fame" game (C quality)

Nov. 7th, 1987 Bulls vs. 76ers MJ 36 pts & Scottie Pippen's regular season debut (C quality)

Jan. 16th, 1988 Bulls vs. Pistons M 36 pts; Rick Mahorn pretty much tries to fight entire Bulls roster & staff, including throwing Doug Collins over the scorers table (RARE; B quality)

March 25th, 1988 Bulls vs. Cavs MJ 39 pts (replay - B quality)

Dec. 20th, 1988 Bulls vs. Lakers MJ 42 pts (replay - B quality)

Jan. 10th, 1989 Bulls vs. Hawks MJ 48 pts. (replay - B quality)

March 21st, 1989 Bulls vs. Lakers MJ 21 pts (C quality)

Nov. 7th, 1989 Bulls vs. Pistons MJ 40 pts. (replay - B quality)

Feb. 3rd, 1990 Bulls vs. Spurs David Robinson (33 pts 21 rebs.) def. MJ (44 pts.) in their second ever meeting (C quality)

Feb. 7th, 1990 Lakers vs. Bulls MJ 32 pts (C quality)

Feb. 14th, 1990 Bulls vs. Magic MJ (49 pts) plays in a no-name #12 jersey after his #23 jersey was stolen before tip-off (RARE & NOT FOR COMMON TRADE - 4th quarter & OT only - D quality)

March 4th, 1990 Bulls vs. Celtics MJ 36 pts (JIP late 1st quarter; replay - B quality)

Nov. 9th, 1990 Bulls vs. Celtics MJ 41 pts (JIP 2-0 1st quarter - C quality)

Dec. 25th, 1990 Bulls vs. Pistons MJ 37 pts (replay - B quality)

Feb. 3rd, 1991 Lakers vs. Bulls Magic gets kicked in the head and leaves game in an ambulance - but Lakers still beat MJ (23 pts) & extend 15 game win streak (C quality)

March 31st, 1991 Bulls vs. Celtics MJ 37 pts (replay - B quality)

Nov. 6th, 1991 Bulls vs. Celtics MJ 44 pts (C quality)

Nov. 23rd, 1991 Bulls vs. Nuggets MJ 37 pts and the famous eyes closed free-throw shot (D quality)

Dec. 17th, 1991 Lakers vs. Bulls After early retirement, Magic watches from the bench as the Lakers beat MJ (21 pts) (C quality)

Jan. 28th, 1992 Bulls vs. Spurs Jordan 29 pts (replay - B quality)

Feb. 2nd, 1992 Bulls vs. Lakers MJ 33 pts (C quality)

Feb. 3rd, 1992 Bulls vs. Jazz MJ 34 pts and gets ejected in this triple-OT game (B quality)

Feb. 28th, 1992 Bulls vs. Bucks MJ 24 pts; Pippen 41 pts (replay - B quality)

March 11th, 1992 Bulls vs. Celtics MJ 32 pts (broadcast temporarily cuts away in 3rd quarter - C quality)

Nov. 24th, 1992 Bulls vs. Warriors MJ 49 pts (C quality)

Dec. 2nd, 1992 Bulls vs. Celtics MJ sits out this game; Pippen starts at shooting guard instead (C quality)

Jan. 5th, 1993 Bulls vs. Lakers MJ 36 pts (C quality)

Jan. 12th, 1993 Bulls vs. Magic MJ 23 pts & blocks Shaq's shot in their first meeting; Shaq 19 pts (B quality)

Jan. 24th, 1993 Bulls vs. Spurs David Robinson (24 pts) def. MJ (39pts) (C quality)

Feb. 10th, 1993 Bulls vs. Pacers* MJ (41 pts) & Reggie Miller fight (C quality)

Feb. 25th, 1993 Bulls vs. Magic MJ 36 pts; Shaq 30 pts (B quality)

March 19th, 1995 Bulls vs. Pacers MJ's first game back from first retirement, wearing #45, scores 19 pts (C quality)

March 24th, 1995 Bulls vs. Magic MJ's (21 pts) first home game after un-retiring, wearing #45; Shaq 24 pts (C quality) 

Oct. 1995 Preseason Bulls vs. Cavs Dennis Rodman's first ever game in a Bulls' uniform (D quality)

Jan. 16th, 1996 Bulls vs. 76ers Rodman w/ triple-double (C quality)

Feb. 2nd, 1996 Bulls vs. Lakers MJ (17 pts) vs. Magic (15 pts) after Magic un-retires (C quality)

Feb. 18th, 1996 Bulls vs. Pacers MJ 44 pts & Pippen 40 pts; Rodman 23 rebs (C quality)

Feb. 25th, 1996 Bulls vs. Magic MJ 23 pts; Shaq 33 pts (B quality)

March 16th, 1996 Bulls vs. Nets Rodman headbutts referee; MJ 37 pts (C quality)

April 7th, 1996 Bulls vs. Magic MJ 27 pts (B quality)

April 14th, 1996 Bulls vs. Cavs Bulls' 69th win - ties NBA record MJ 32 pts (C quality)

April 16th, 1996 Bulls vs Bucks Bulls' 70th win - sets NBA record; MJ 22 pts (C quality)

April 18th, 1996 Bulls vs. Pistons Bulls' 71st win; MJ 30 pts (C quality)

April 21st, 1996 Bulls vs. Bullets Bulls' 72nd & final win of season; MJ 26 pts (C quality)

Dec. 17th, 1996 Bulls vs. Lakers First meeting between MJ (30 pts) & Kobe (5 pts) (C quality)

Jan. 15th, 1997 Bulls vs. T'wolves Rodman kicks cameraman; MJ 25 pts (C quality)

Feb. 5th, 1997 Bulls vs. Lakers Second meeting between MJ (27 pts) & Kobe (5 pts) (C quality)

Feb. 18th, 1997 Bulls vs. Nuggets Scottie Pippen career-high 47 pts (B quality)

March 27th, 1997 Bulls vs. 76ers The infamous Iverson (37 pts) crossover on MJ (23 pts) game (C quality)

Dec. 29th, 1997 Bulls vs. Mavs MJ 40 pts; Rodman 27 rebs (C quality)

Feb. 1st, 1998 Bulls vs. Lakers MJ (31 pts) vs. Kobe (20 pts) (C quality)

March 8th, 1998 Bulls vs. Knicks MJ 42 pts & wears old shoes (B quality)

March 10th, 1998 Bulls vs. Heat MJ 37 pts (C quality)


Washington Wizards

Oct. 11th, 2001 Pre-season Wizards vs. Pistons MJ (8 pts) & debut in a Wizards uniform (C quality)

Oct. 20th, 2001 Pre-season Wizards vs. Nets MJ 41 pts (C quality)

Oct. 30th, 2001 Wizards vs. Knicks MJ (19 pts) & regular season Wizards debut after 2nd comeback (C quality)

Nov. 16th, 2001 Wizards vs. Jazz MJ 44 pts (C quality)

Dec. 31st, 2001 Wizards vs. Nets MJ 45 pts (incl. 22 straight pts.) (C quality)

Dec. 29th, 2001 Wizards vs. Hornets MJ (51 pts) oldest ever to score 50+ (C quality)

Jan. 4th, 2002 Wizards vs. Bulls MJ (29 pts) & 30,000 career points game (C quality)

Jan. 19th, 2002 Wizards vs. Bulls MJ (16 pts) & first game back to Chicago since he left the Bulls (C quality)

Jan. 24th, 2002 Wizards vs. Cavs MJ 40 pts (C quality)

Jan. 26th, 2002 Wizards vs. Suns MJ 41 pts (C quality)

Feb. 12th, 2002 Wizards vs. Lakers MJ 22 pts; Kobe 23 pts incl. triple-double (C quality;R2)

April 2nd, 2002 Wizards vs. Lakers MJ career-low (2 pts) vs. Kobe (14 pts) (C quality)

Dec. 10th, 2002 Wizards vs. Blazers Only MJ vs Pippen meeting (both scored 14 pts) (C quality)

Jan. 4th, 2003 Wizards vs. Pacers MJ 41 pts (C quality)

Jan. 22nd, 2003 Wizards vs. Hornets MJ (18 pts) passes Wilt Chamberlain on the all-time scoring list, behind Kareem and, now, Karl Malone (Missing first 1½ quarters - C quality)

Jan. 24th, 2003 Wizards vs. Bulls MJ (11 pts) & last NBA game in Chicago (C quality)

Feb. 1st, 2003 Wizards vs. Hornets MJ 45 pts (C quality)

Feb. 21st, 2003 Wizards vs. Nets MJ 43 pts (C quality)

Feb. 23rd, 2003 Wizards vs. Mavs MJ 30 pts. (ESPNCL replay - B quality)

March 9th, 2003 Wizards vs. Knicks* MJ (39 pts) & last ever game @ Madison Square Garden (D- quality)

March 28th, 2003 Wizards vs. Lakers Final MJ (23 pts) vs Kobe (55 pts) meeting (C quality)

April 14th, 2003 Wizards vs. Knicks MJ 21 pts in his last home game, plays in throwback Bullets jersey (B quality) 

April 16th, 2003 Wizards vs. 76ers MJ (15 pts) & final NBA game (B quality) 


MJ 50+ Point Games (37 of 39)

1986 EC 1st Rd Bulls vs. Celtics Game 2 MJ's playoff record 63 pt. game vs. Larry Bird (C quality)

Jan. 8th, 1987 Bulls vs. Blazers MJ 53 pts. (C quality)

Feb. 26th, 1987 Bulls vs. Nets MJ 58 pts. (C quality)

March 4th, 1987 Bulls vs. Pistons MJ's 61 pt. game & NBA record 23 consecutive pts. vs Isiah Thomas (C quality)

March 24th, 1987 Bulls vs. 76ers MJ 56 pts. (C quality)

April 12th, 1987 Bulls vs. Pacers MJ 53 pts. (C quality)

April 13th, 1987 Bulls vs. Bucks MJ 50 pts. (C quality)

April 16th, 1987 Bulls vs. Hawks MJ's 61 pt. game vs. Dominique Wilkins (C quality)

Dec. 17th, 1987 Bulls vs. Cavs MJ 52 pts (C quality)

Feb. 26th, 1988 Bulls vs. Blazers MJ (52 pts) vs. Drexler (42 pts) (C quality)

March 18th, 1988 Bulls vs. Celtics MJ 50 pts (C quality)

April 3rd, 1988 Bulls vs Pistons MJ 59 pts. (NBATV replay - B quality)

1988 EC 1st Rd Bulls vs. Cavs Game 1 MJ 50 pts (C quality)

1988 EC 1st Rd Bulls vs. Cavs Game 2 MJ 55 pts (D quality)

Nov. 9th, 1988 Bulls vs. Celtics MJ 52 pts. (C quality)

Nov. 16th, 1988 Bulls vs. 76ers MJ 52 pts (24/29 shooting) vs. Barkley (42 pts) (C quality)

Jan. 21st, 1989 Bulls vs. Suns MJ 53 pts. (D quality)

Feb. 16th, 1989 Bulls vs. Bucks MJ 50 pts. & GW shot (D quality)

1989 EC 1st Rd Bulls vs. Cavs Game 4 MJ 50 pts (NBATV replay - B quality)

Nov. 3rd 1989 Bulls vs. Cavs MJ 54 pts. (C quality)

Dec. 20th, 1989 Bulls vs. Magic MJ 52 pts. (C quality)

March 28th, 1990 Bulls vs. Cavs MJ's career-high 69 pt. game (I have both the original broadcast - C quality and ESPNCL replay - B quality)

March 19th, 1992 Bulls vs. Bullets MJ 51 pts. (ESPNCL replay - C quality)

March 24th, 1992 Bulls vs. Nuggets MJ 50 pts. (C quality)

Nov. 20th, 1992 Bulls vs. Lakers MJ 54 pts. (C quality)

Dec. 23rd, 1992 Bulls vs. Bullets MJ 57 pts (C quality)

1992 EC 1st Rd Bulls vs. Heat Game 3 MJ 56 pts. (ESPNCL replay - B quality)

Jan. 16th, 1993 Bulls vs. Orlando MJ's 64 pt. game vs rookie Shaq (C quality)

March 12th, 1993 Bulls vs. Hornets MJ 52 pts & dunks on Mourning (C quality)

1993 ECF Bulls vs. Knicks Game 4 MJ 54 pts. (C quality)

1993 NBA Finals Bulls vs. Suns Game 4 MJ 55 pts. (C quality)

March, 28th, 1995 Bulls vs. Knicks MJ's famous "Double-Nickel" game (55 pts.) wears #45 (I have both the original broadcast - C quality & NBATV replay - B quality)

March 7th, 1996 Bulls vs Pistons MJ 53 points (C quality)

Nov. 6th, 1996 Bulls vs. Heat MJ 50 pts. (C quality)

Jan. 21st, 1997 Bulls vs. Knicks MJ 51 pts. (C quality)

1997 EC 1st Rd Bulls vs. Bullets Game 2 MJ 55pts. (ESPNCL replay - B quality)

2002 Wizards vs. Hornets MJ (51 pts) oldest ever to score 50+ (C quality)


North Carolina

Nov. 28th, 1981 UNC vs. Kansas MJ 12 pts in his college debut (I have both the original broadcast & replay; RARE - C quality)

Jan. 21st, 1982 UNC vs. Wake Forest MJ 13 pts (C quality)

Feb. 14th, 1982 UNC vs. Georgia MJ (12 pts) vs. Dominique Wilkins (19 pts.) (C quality)

Feb. 27th, 1982 UNC vs. Duke MJ 11 pts (C quality)

March 27th, 1982 Final Four UNC vs. Houston MJ 18 pts (C quality)

March 29th, 1982 NCAA Title Game UNC vs. Georgetown MJ hits his first legenday shot to win NCAA Championship (Original - D quality & replay - B quality)

1983 UNC vs. Duke MJ 32 pts (C quality)

1983 UNC vs. Virginia MJ 16 pts (C quality)

Jan. 8th, 1983 UNC vs. Syracuse* MJ 18 pts (C quality)

Jan. 29th, 1983 UNC vs. Georgia Tech MJ 39 pts - his college career high (C quality)

Feb. 2nd, 1983 UNC vs. Clemson MJ 24 pts (replay - B quality)

Feb. 10th, 1983 UNC vs. Virginia MJ 16 pts w/ GW steal then dunk (replay - B quality)

Jan. 18th, 1984 UNC vs. Virginia MJ 23 pts. (replay - C quality) 

Jan. 29th, 1984 UNC vs. LSU MJ 29 pts & gets in a scuffle after a hard foul on his teammate (C quality)

Feb. 19th, 1984 UNC vs. Maryland MJ 25 pts. (C quality)

March 10th, 1984 ACC Tourney UNC vs. Duke MJ 22 pts (replay - B quality)

March 22nd, 1984 NCAA East Regional Semi-Finals UNC vs. Indiana MJ's last college game (replay - C quality)

1987 Alumni Game UNC vs. UCLA UNC Greats (Jordan, James Worthy, Sam Perkins) return and play against some UCLA greats (i.e. Reggie Miller) (C quality)

Sept. 4th, 2009 North Carolina's 100th Anniversary Game Featuring Vince Carter, Antawn Jamison, Jerry Stackhouse etc. with MJ in attendance (game was recorded via camcorder)


Exhibition Games/European Tours

1985 P.U.S.H. Excel All-Star Charity Game "Rookies vs. Veterans" Rookie MJ scores 37 pts. vs. Vets' Magic and Isiah Thomas (C quality)

1988 P.U.S.H. Excel All-Star Charity Game MJ 44 pts, hits game-trying three to send game into OT; Dominique Wilkins 48 pts (VERY RARE - C quality)

1988 Magic Johnson's Midsummer's Night All-Star Charity Game Jordan 54 pts; Dominique Wilkins 46 pts (missing a few seconds at end of first half & final :02 of game; VERY RARE - C quality)

1989 Magic Johnson's Midsummer's Night All-Star Charity Game Includes dunk contest which MJ re-creates his famous "Air Jordan" foul line dunk; also includes MJ interview on the Arsenio Hall show (Game is recorded on camcorder - Not complete; RARE - D quality)

1990 Spanish League All-Star Game MJ 37 pts and switches jerseys at halftime and plays for the opposing team (Foreign language commentary; RARE - D quality)

1990 Magic Johnson's Midsummer's Night All-Star Charity Game MJ 40 pts. (B quality)

1994 Scottie Pippen's All-Star Charity Game Last Game in Chicago Stadium - MJ 52 pts. includes his kiss on the Chicago Stadium court - Just highlights and interviews; no complete game known to exist  (RARE - C quality)

Oct. 17th, 1997 McDonald's Cup Championships Bulls vs. PSG Racing MJ 28 pts (C quality)

Oct. 18th, 1997 McDonald's Cup Championships Bulls vs. Olympiakos MJ 27 pts & MVP (C quality)


MJ Playing Baseball

Feb. 7th, 1994 MJ's baseball workout 3 hrs of footage incl. training, extended press conference, & footage w/ Birmingham Barons (RARE - B quality)

March 17th, 1994 Preseason Pirates vs. White Sox MJ plays a few innings and has one at-bat (VERY RARE - C quality)

1994 MLB Preseason Chicago White Sox vs. Chicago Cubs MJ's MLB debut - bats 6th & teamates include Frank Thomas and Robin Ventura (RARE - C quality)

Oct. 19th, 1994 Scottsdale Scorpions vs. Mesa Sun Cities Solar Sox MJ minor-league baseball game (RARE - C quality)

Oct 26th, 1994 Scottsdale Scorpions vs. Peoria Javalinas MJ minor-league baseball game (RARE - C quality)

1994 Birmingham Barons vs. Chattanooga Lookouts MJ minor-league baseball game (RARE - C quality)


Misc. MJ

2020 ESPN's 30 for 30 "The Last Dance" A comprehensive/controversial documentary on Michael Jordan's final season with the '98 Bulls; Note that I also have multiple post-episodic wrap-up coverage hosted by Scott Van Pelt (10+ hours - B quality)

1991 Bulls' Championship Park Celebration (RARE; B quality)

1992 Bulls' Championship Park Celebration (RARE; B quality)

1993 Bulls' Championship Park Celebration (B quality)

1996 Bulls' Championship Park Celebration (B quality)

1997 Bulls' Championship Park Celebration (B quality)

1998 Bulls' Championship Park Celebration (B quality)

One-on-One with Ahmad Rashad Featuting interview with MJ as he turns 50 years old (B quality)

May 24th, 2011 Oprah MJ makes appearance on her next-to-last episode (B quality) 

March 12th, 2011 Bulls vs. Jazz 20-minute halftime features MJ & Pippen celebrating 20th anniversary of 1st championship. Also present are '91 teammates Paxson, Grant, Hodges, etc. Ex-Bulls broadcaster Jim Durham emcees; Phil Jackson not present but delivers pre-taped message (B quality)

Oct. 29th, 2010 Bobcats vs. Pacers Featuring MJ & Bird in audience (B quality)

March 18th, 2010 MJ Press Conference Announcing his new ownership of the Bobcats (B quality)

2001 MJ Press Conference Announcing his comeback with the Wizards (B quality)

1999 MJ Press Conference MJ announces his second retirement from the Bulls (B quality)

1993 MJ Press Conference MJ announcing his shocking first retirement (C quality)

MJ Classics "The Life" MJ gives tips to Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudamire & others before a HS all-star game (22 min; B quality)

ESPN's Sports Saturday E:60 Featuring interview w/ MJ and his love of motorcycle racing  (B quality)

75 Michael Jordan Commercials (Run time approx. 90 min - C quality)

MJ: The Wizard Years A fan made documentary/highlights featuring MJ's Wizards' years (C quality) 

1988 Kenny Rogers Classic Weekend 5-minutes of highlights of a 3-on-3 tournament featuring MJ, Larry Bird, Dominique Wilkins, Isiah Thomas, John McEnroe, Payne Stewart, Kenny Rogers & others (RARE; C quality)  

Michael Jordan Basketball Instructional Video MJ gives tips on how to play better basketball (RARE; Run time approx. 45 min - C quality)

1984 NBA Draft (Picks 1-10) MJ's draft - also includes Hakeem Olajuwon, Charles Barkley etc. - 1hr long (NBA TV Classic Re-Broadcast - B quality)

1986 Michael Jordan vs The Sheens 'War of the Stars" MJ vs Charlie & Martin Sheen exhibition; includes free throw contest, H-O-R-S-E, and 2 on 1) (VERY RARE - C quality)

1986 Nike Game in Italy Short clips of MJ dunk shattering a backboard played at Triest; also clips of a shirts/skins pick up game featuring Michael Jordan, Reggie Miller and Dennis Rodman, a MJ windmill dunk from a charity game, several top 10 dunks on various defenders, Kobe jumping over a car and a pool, Shaq talking trash on Kobe in a freestyle rap, etc) (RARE - C quality)

1994 Michael Jordan and 1991 Magic Johnson Retirement Ceremonies Both on one disc - Includes Jordan's statue presentation (MJ C quality - Magic D quality)

ESPN's SportsCentury: Michael Jordan (B quality), TNT Salutes Michael Jordan (30 min. special) (D quality) & and 1987 ESPN Classic 60 Minutes Re-broadcast interview of Michael Jordan (B quality) (All 3 on 1 disc) 

NBA TV's broadcasts: "Come Fly With Me"  "Michael Jordan's Playground"  & "Michael Jordan: His Airness" (All 3 on 1 disc and B quality)

Oprah Winfrey 2005 interview with Michael Jordan and a special appearence by Charles Barkley (B quality)

1988 Chicago Bulls Year in review of Bulls' 1988 season by NBA Video (NBA TV Re-broadcast - B quality)

1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, & 1998 NBA Championship DVD Chicago Bulls Each year is one disc (All B quality)


MJ's Sons Playing Basketball

Dec. 23rd, 2006 Loyola vs. New Trier MJ's two sons, Jeffrey (21 pts) & Marcus (7 pts),  playing high school basketball w/ MJ in attendance (B quality)

Feb. 1st, 2007 Loyola vs. North Central Jeffrey & Marcus' national TV debut; North Central star Eric Gordon 43 pts (B quality)

2007 Jordan Capital Classic High School All-Star Game Jeffrey Jordan 9 pts (Missing final minute of game - B quality)

Nov. 19th, 2007 Illinois vs. Arizona State Jeffrey Jordan (1 pt) w/ MJ in attendance (B quality)

Nov. 20th, 2007 Illinois vs. Duke Jeffrey Jordan goes scoreless w/ MJ in attendance (B quality)

Nov. 21st, 2007 Illinois vs. Oklahoma State Jeffrey Jordan goes scoreless w/ MJ in attendance (B quality)

Dec. 29th, 2007 Whitney Young vs. Homewood-Flossmoor Marcus Jordan (6 pts) w/ MJ in attendance (B quality)

Feb. 7th, 2008 Illinois vs. Indiana Jeffrey Jordan 2 pts (replay - B quality)

2009 Jordan Capital Classic High School All-Star Game Marcus Jordan 5 pts (replay - B quality)