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Magic Johnson Games

NBA Finals

1980 NBA Finals Lakers vs. 76ers (Complete - All 6 Games) (Magic Johnson MVP) Game 6 is ESPNCL replay (C quality)

1982 NBA Finals Lakers vs. 76ers (Games 1 thru 5 & 6*) (Magic Johnson MVP) (C quality)

1983 NBA Finals 76ers vs. Lakers (Complete - All 4 Games) (Moses Malone MVP) (C quality)


1984 NBA Finals Celtics vs. Lakers (Complete - All 7 Games) (Larry Bird MVP) (B quality)


1985 NBA Finals Lakers vs. Celtics (Complete - All 6 Games) (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar MVP) (B quality)


1987 NBA Finals Lakers vs. Celtics (Complete - All 6 Games) (Magic Johnson MVP) (B quality)


1988 NBA Finals Lakers vs. Pistons (Complete - All 7 Games) (James Worthy MVP) (C quality)


1989 NBA Finals Pistons vs. Lakers (Complete - All 4 Games) (Joe Dumars MVP) (C quality)


1991 NBA Finals Bulls vs. Lakers (Complete - All 5 Games) (Michael Jordan MVP) (C quality)





1980 WCF Lakers vs. Sonics Game 5 (replay - B quality) 

1982 WC1st Rd. Lakers vs. Suns Game 4 (JIP/1st quarter - C quality)

1982 WCF Lakers vs. Spurs Games 1 & 3 (C quality)

1983 WCSF Lakers vs. Blazers Game 5 (C quality)

1983 WCF Lakers vs. Spurs (6 game series, missing game 1) (Game 6 is replay; C quality)

1984 WCSF Lakers vs. Mavs Games 1 & 4 Game 1: JIP/1st quarter; Game 4: replay (B quality) 

1984 WCF Lakers vs. Suns (Complete - All 6 Games) (Games 3 & 6 are replays; C quality)

1985 WCSF Lakers vs. Blazers Games 2 & 4 (C quality)

1985 WCF Lakers vs. Nuggets (Complete - All 5 Games) Game 2: Kareem-Schayes fight & Alex English scores 40 pts (C quality) 

1986 WC1st Rd. Lakers vs. Spurs Games 1 & 3 (C quality) 

1986 WCSF Lakers vs. Mavs Game 4 (C quality)

1986 WCF Rockets vs. Lakers Games 4 & 5 Game 5: Big upset by Rockets (miracle last second shot by Ralph Sampson) to eliminate the Lakers (ESPNCL replay - B quality)

1987 WCSF Warriors vs. Lakers Games 4 & 5 Game 4: Sleepy Floyd 51 pts (replay - B quality)

1987 WCF Lakers vs. Sonics (Complete - All 4 Games) (C quality)

1988 WCSF Jazz vs. Lakers Games 5 & 7 Game 5: Stockton ties Magic's NBA playoff record 24 assts in a single game (replay - B quality)

1988 WCF Lakers vs. Mavs Games 6 & 7 (C quality)

1989 WCF Lakers vs. Suns Game 4 Magic 21 pts, 20 assts; Tom Chambers 41 pts (RARE -  C quality)

1991 WC1st Rd. Lakers vs. Rockets Game 3 Magic 38 pts (C quality)

1991 WCSF Warriors vs. Lakers Games 2 & 5 Game 2: Magic (44pts) duels Chris Mullin (40pts) (Game 2 is replay - B quality); Game 5: Magic triple-double (orignal broadcast - C quality;R2)


1991 WCF Lakers vs. Blazers Games 1, 3 & 6 (Game 6 is replay - B quality)


1996 WC1st Rd. Lakers vs. Rockets Games 2 & 4 Game 2:Magic 26 pts; Game 4 is Magic's last NBA game (RARE; C quality)



Regular Season

Oct. 12th, 1979 Lakers vs. Clippers Magic Johnson regular season debut; Kareem hits GW buzzer-beater and Magic wildly hugs Kareem; World B. Free 46 pts (Official release - A quality)

Oct. 16th, 1979 Lakers vs. Bulls Magic's second NBA game (C quality)

Oct 30th, 1981 Lakers vs. Rockets Magic hits miracle half-court shot to send game into OT (C quality)

March 7th, 1982 Lakers vs. 76ers Magic 16 pts; Andrew Toney career-high 46 pts; Dr. J 20 pts (B quality)

Oct. 26th, 1982 Preseason Hall of Fame Lakers vs. Nets Magic 19 pts (RARE - C quality)

Jan. 5th, 1983 Lakers vs. 76ers Magic triple-double (23 pts, 10 rebs, 20 assts) (Not english; RARE- C quality)

Dec. 25th, 1983 Lakers vs. Blazers (replay - B quality)

April 5th, 1984 Lakers vs. Jazz Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sets all-time scoring record, breaking Wilt's record (Original broadcast w/ Chick Hearn commentary - C quality)

Jan. 25th, 1985 Lakers vs. 76ers (D quality)

1985 Preseason Lakers vs. Pacers Hall of Fame game (C quality)

Feb. 23rd, 1986 Lakers vs. 76ers Magic hits 3-pointer to force OT; Barkley and Rambis fight (RARE - C quality;R2)

April 6th, 1986 Lakers vs. Rockets Magic 20 pts, 20 assts (RARE - C quality)

Feb. 22nd, 1987 Lakers vs. 76ers (replay - B quality)

Dec. 6th, 1988 Lakers vs. Clippers Magic 25 pts, 21 assts (RARE - C quality)

Dec. 20th, 1988 Lakers vs. Bulls Magic 31 pts vs. MJ 42 pts (replay - B quality)

Dec. 25th, 1988 Lakers vs. Jazz Magic 18 pts (replay - B quality)

March 21st, 1989 Lakers vs. Bulls Magic 20 pts (C quality)

April 23rd, 1989 Lakers vs. Sonics Magic 29 pts, 21 assts; Xavier McDaniel 39 pts (RARE - C quality) 

Jan. 3rd, 1990 Lakers vs. Knicks Magic 11 pts, 7 rebs, 13 assts (C quality)

Jan. 9th, 1990 Lakers vs. Suns Magic ties career-high 24 assists (RARE - C quality)

Jan. 21st, 1990 Lakers vs.  Pistons (C quality)

Feb. 7th, 1990 Lakers vs. Bulls (C quality)

Feb. 20th, 1990 Lakers vs. Spurs Magic 19 pts; Worthy 27 pts; Byron Scott GW buzzer-beating shot (C quality)

April 17th, 1990 Lakers vs. Sonics Magic 21 pts and another GW hook shot (C quality)

Nov. 6th, 1990 Lakers vs. Blazers Magic 24 pts, 22 assts (RARE - C quality)

Dec. 4th, 1990 Lakers vs. Pistons Magic triple-double (C quality)

Feb. 3rd, 1991 Lakers vs. Bulls Magic gets kicked in the head and leaves game in an ambulance - but Lakers still win and extend 15 game win streak (C quality)

April 15th, 1991 Lakers vs. Mavs Magic 7pts, 9 rebs, 19 assists - sets NBA record (at the time) for all-time assists (RARE - C quality)

Dec. 17th, 1991 Lakers vs. Bulls After early retirement, Magic watches from the bench as the Lakers beat the Bulls (C quality)

1992 Preseason Lakers vs. Blazers One of only 5 preseason games Magic played in before he re-retires - scores 5 pts and 13 assists; played in Hawaii (RARE - C quality)

1992 Preseason Lakers vs. Cavs A second of only 5 preseason games Magic played in before he re-retires; Magic 8 pts(RARE - C quality)

1992 Preseason Lakers vs. 76ers A third of only 5 preseason games Magic played in before he re-retires; ends mid-third quarter (RARE - C quality)

March 27th, 1994 Lakers vs. Bucks Magic's debut as Lakers head coach; George Lynch 20 pts (RARE; C quality)

April 6th, 1994 Lakers vs. Kings Worthy 31 pts; head coach Magic gets ejected from game (RARE - C quality;R2)

Jan. 26th, 1996 Lakers vs. 76ers Two games before Magic's comeback game as a player, broadcasters discuss Magic's imminent comeback throughout the game (C quality)

Jan. 30th, 1996 Lakers vs. Warriors Magic's first game back from retirement (C quality)

Feb. 4th, 1996 Lakers vs. Jazz Magic 21 pts, 7 rebs, 6 assts. (C quality;R2)

Feb. 7th, 1996 Lakers vs. Nets* Magic 18 pts, 9 rebs, 8 assts (C quality) 

Feb. 23rd, 1996 Lakers vs. Mavs Magic sits-out but Lakers win (C quality)

March 26th, 1996 Lakers vs. Magic The second of only two meetings between Magic & Shaq (C quality)

March 27th, 1996 Lakers vs. Heat Magic 27 pts, 9 rebs, 9 assts (JIP 13-11 1st Q;C quality;R2)


Magic vs. Bird (Regular & Preseason)

Jan. 13th, 1980 Lakers vs. Celtics Magic & Bird for the first time @ Boston Garden; Bird 14 pts (NBATV replay - B quality)


Jan. 18th, 1981 Lakers vs. Celtics (C quality)


Feb. 7th, 1982 Lakers vs. Celtics (C quality)


Feb. 14th, 1982 Lakers vs. Celtics Bird 12 pts (C quality)


1982 Pre-Season Lakers vs. Celtics Bird 22 pts (D quality)


Jan. 30th, 1983 Lakers vs. Celtics Bird 21 pts (C quality)


Feb. 23rd, 1983 Lakers vs. Celtics Bird 32 pts (C quality)


Oct. 13th, 1983 Pre-Season Lakers vs. Celtics Bird 25 pts (D quality)

Oct 22nd, 1983 Pre-Season Lakers vs. Celtics Bird 25 pts (C quality)


Feb. 8th, 1984 Lakers vs. Celtics Bird 29 pts (C quality)


Jan. 16th, 1985 Lakers vs. Celtics Bird 19 pts; McHale GW shot (C quality)


Feb. 17th, 1985 Lakers vs. Celtics Magic 37 pts, Bird 33 pts (C quality)


Oct. 8th, 1985 Pre-season Lakers vs. Celtics Magic 33 pts (C quality)


Jan. 22nd, 1986 Lakers vs. Celtics Bird 19 pts (C quality)


Feb. 16th, 1986 Lakers vs. Celtics Bird 22 pts (C quality)

Dec. 12th, 1986 Lakers vs. Celtics Bird 26 pts (D quality)

Feb. 15th, 1987 Lakers vs. Celtics Magic 39 pts; Bird 20 pts (C quality)

Dec. 11th, 1987 Lakers vs. Celtics Magic 18 pts & hits amazing running GW bank shot (and is actually punched in face by Boston fan as he's running into tunnel!); Bird 35 pts (C quality)

Feb. 14th, 1988 Lakers vs. Celtics Magic 22 pts; Bird 25 pts (C quality)

Dec. 15th, 1989 Lakers vs. Celtics Magic 16 pts, 21 assts; Bird 21 pts (C quality)

Feb. 18th, 1990 Lakers vs. Celtics Magic 30 pts; Bird 21 pts (C quality)

Feb. 15th, 1991 Lakers vs. Celtics Magic & Bird's last regular season meeting; Magic 21 pts; Bird 11 pts (C quality)

1991 Pre-Season Lakers vs. Celtics Magic & Bird's last ever NBA meeting (RARE - D quality)


High School/College

1977 Lansing Everett vs. Birmingham Brother Rice Earvin "Magic" Johnson 34 pts in high school (Black & White - D quality)

March, 18th, 1978 NCAA Tourney Michigan St. vs. Kentucky (B quality)

1979 Michigan St. vs. Minnesota Featuring Magic Johnson (Black & White/Not complete - C quality)

1979 Michigan St. vs. Illinois Featuring Magic Johnson (Game Film/Silent/Black & White - C quality)  

March, 16th, 1979 NCAA Tourney Michigan St. vs. LSU Magic 19 pts, 11 assts (A quality - silent film)

March, 18th, 1979 NCAA Tourney Michigan St. vs. Notre Dame Magic 19 pts, 11 assts (C quality)

March, 24th, 1979 NCAA Tourney Michigan St. vs. Penn Magic 29 pts (ESPNCL replay - C quality)

March, 26th, 1979 NCAA Championship Game Michigan St. vs. Indiana St. The legendary Magic vs. Bird title game - Analysis and interviews throughout the game (ESPNCL replay - B quality)


Exhibition Games/European Tours

1982 P.U.S.H. Excel All-Star Charity Game Magic Johnson (37 pts), Isiah Thomas (36 pts), Dr. J (28 pts) (D- Quality)

1983 P.U.S.H. Excel All-Star Charity Game Magic Johnson (27 pts), Dominique Wilkins (36 pts), Isiah Thomas (40 pts) (D Quality)

1984 P.U.S.H. Excel All-Star Charity Game Featuring Magic Johnson and fellow stars Dominique Wilkins (55 pts), Mark Aquirre (55 pts), & Isiah Thomas (30 pts) (RARE; D Quality)

1985 P.U.S.H. Excel All-Star Charity Game "Rookies vs. Vets" Rookie MJ scores 37 pts. vs. Vets' Magic and Isiah Thomas (C quality)

1986 Magic Johnson's Midsummer's Night All-Star Charity Game Dominique Wilkins 40 pts; Magic 26 pts; Bird 21 pts; Also included is a post-game slam dunk contest with stars Barkley, Dominique Wilkins, and Spud Webb (RARE; C Quality)

1987 P.U.S.H. Excel All-Star Charity Game Featuring stars Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Dominique Wilkins (40 pts)(Starts 33-29 in 1st quarter; D- Quality)

1987 Magic Johnson's Midsummer's Night All-Star Charity Game Featuring stars Dominique Wilkins (29 pts), Barkley, Drexler, Isiah Thomas, Olajuwon, & Magic. Played at the Forum with Elgin Baylor & Bill Russell coaching - Chick Hearn commentates (R2/RARE; D Quality)

1988 P.U.S.H. Excel All-Star Charity Game MJ 44 pts, hits game-trying three to send game into OT; Dominique Wilkins 48 pts (VERY RARE; - C quality)

1988 Magic Johnson's Midsummer's Night All-Star Charity Game Jordan 54 pts; Dominique Wilkins 46 pts (missing a few seconds at end of first half & final :02 of game; VERY RARE - C quality)

1989 Magic Johnson's Midsummer's Night All-Star Charity Game Includes dunk contest which Jordan re-creates his famous "Air Jordan" foul line dunk; also includes Jordan interview on the Arsenio Hall show (Game is recorded on camcorder & not complete; RARE - D quality)

1990 Magic Johnson's Midsummer's Night All-Star Charity Game Jordan 40 pts (C quality)

1991 McDonald's Championships L.A. Lakers vs. Limoges (France) (C quality)

1991 NBA Europe Pre-season tour L.A. Lakers vs. Badalona (Spain) (Not English - D quality)

1991 NBA Europe Pre-season tour L.A. Lakers vs. Juventud (Spain) Magic 17 pts (C quality)

1991 Magic's Team vs. Sallen Magic 14 pts, 14 rebs, 9 assts (poor sound; RARE; D quality)

1993 Magic Johnson's All-Stars vs. Finland (C quality)

1993 Magic Johnson's All-Stars vs. Germany Magic 17 pts (Not English - C quality)

1994 Magic Johnson's All-Stars vs. Juventud (Spain) Magic 20 pts (Not English - C quality)

1994 Magic Johnson's All-Stars vs. New Zealand All-Stars (1hr highlights; R2)

1995 Magic Johnson's All-Stars vs. PSG Magic (C quality)

1995 Magic Johnson's All-Stars vs. Ulker-Istanbul Magic Johnson 30 pts, 19 assts including end-of-game half-court shot (RARE; D Quality)

1995 Magic Johnson's All-Stars vs. Puerto Rico (C quality)

1995 Magic Johnson All-Stars vs Australia Boomers @ Adelaide (1hr highlights; C quality; R2)

1995 Magic Johnson All-Stars vs Australia Boomers @ Brisbane; Magic 32 pts (1hr highlights; C quality; R2)

1995 Magic Johnson All-Stars vs Australia Boomers @ Perth; Magic 38pts & hits 3-pointer to force OT (1hr highlights - RARE; R2)

July 14th, 2001 Magic Johnson's All-Stars vs. Young Guns
Magic Johnson triple-double (20 pts, 12 assts, 10 rebs); Snoop Dogg 10 pts (C quality)

Nov. 2nd, 2003 Michigan St. vs Harlem Globetrotters Magic returns and plays while Larry Bird coaches (C quality)


1979 H-O-R-S-E Competition Magic vs. Greg Kelser (RARE - B quality)

1980, 1982, 1985, 1987 & 1988 NBA Championship DVD Los Angeles Lakers Each year is one disc; 1980 thru 1987 are NBA TV Re-broadcasts (All B quality)

Nov. 7th, 1991 Magic Johnson Retirement Press Conference (C quality)

1991 Magic Johnson and 1994 Michael Jordan Retirement Ceremonies Both on one disc - Magic ceremony (D quality) MJ ceremony (C quality)

1992 Larry Bird Retirement Ceremony 2 1/2 hours long, includes Magic Johnson presentation when he ripped off his Laker warm-up and was wearing a Bird jersey (C quality)

2002 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Includes inductees Magic Johnson, Larry Brown, Lute Olson and Drazen Petrovic (NBA TV Classic Re-broadcast - B quality)

"One on One with Jim Gray" A 2004 roundtable discussion with Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, LeBron James, and Carmelo Anthony. Topics include race and the state of basketball and includes very controversial opinions by Bird. (B quality)

Magic at 50! & Always Showtime & Vintage NBA f/ Magic 3 different shows w/ Magic highlights and stories (NBATV - B quality)

HBO's Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals Documentary featuring Magic and Bird's rise and rivalry that helped saved the NBA (1 1/2 hrs - B quality)  

30 for 30 Celtics/Lakers: Best of Enemies ESPN's three-part series that examines the Magic/Bird Laker/Celtic 80's rivalry (6 hours - B quality)