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Larry Bird Games

NBA Finals

1981 NBA Finals Celtics vs. Rockets (Complete - All 6 Games) (Cedric Maxwell MVP) Game 1 I have both the original broadcast (D quality) and NBATV replay (B quality) - Games 3 thru 6 are original broadcasts (D quality)

1984 NBA Finals Celtics vs. Lakers (Complete - All 7 Games) (Larry Bird MVP) Game 4 - I have both the original broadcast (C quality) and ESPNCL replay (B quality)

1985 NBA Finals Lakers vs. Celtics (Complete - All 6 Games) (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar MVP) Game 4 - I have both the original broadcast (C quality) and ESPNCL replay (B quality)

1986 NBA Finals Celtics vs. Rockets (Complete - All 6 Games) (Larry Bird MVP) Game 4 is NBATV replay (B quality) - Rest of the games are original broadcasts (C quality)

1987 NBA Finals Lakers vs. Celtics (Complete - All 6 Games) (Magic Johnson MVP) Game 4 - I have both the original broadcast (C quality) and ESPNCL replay (B quality)



1980 EC 1st Rd Celtics vs. 76ers Games 2, 3, 4 Games 2, 4 (C quality), Game 3 (D quality)

1981 EC 1st Rd Celtics vs. Bulls Game 4 (C quality)

1981 ECF Celtics vs. 76ers (7 Game Series, missing games 2 & 3)

  • Game 1 - Orig. broadcast (D quality)
  • Game 4 - replay (B quality)
  • Game 5 - Orig. broadcast (C quality)
  • Game 6 - Orig. broadcast (C quality)
  • Game 7 - Orig. broadcast (C quality)

1982 ECSF Celtics vs. Bullets Games 2 & 5 Game 5: Kevin McHale hits GW in 2OT's (Game 2 is original broadcast - D quality; Game 5 is replay - C quality

1982 ECF Celtics vs. 76ers (7 Game Series, missing games 1 & 4) All games are the original broadcast except Game 7 is a rip from “History of 76ers” studio release

  • Game 2 - (C quality)
  • Game 3 - (D quality)
  • Game 5 - (C quality)
  • Game 6 - (C quality)
  • Game 7 - (A quality)

1983 ECSF Celtics vs. Bucks Game 4 (C quality)

1984 EC 1st Rd Celtics vs. Bullets Game 3 (C quality)

1984 ECSF Celtics vs. Knicks Games 4, 5 & 7 (Game 4 is replay - B quality; Game 5 & 7 is original broadcast - C quality)

1985 EC 1st Rd Celtics vs. Cavs Game 1 Bird 40 pts (C quality)

1985 ECSF Celtics vs. Pistons Games 4 & 5 Bird 43 pts (C quality)

1985 ECF Celtics vs. 76ers Game 5 (C quality)

1986 EC 1st Rd Bulls vs. Celtics Games 1 and 2 Game 1 MJ scores 49 pts; Game 2 MJ's playoff record 63 pt. game vs. Larry Bird (Both C quality)

1986 ECSF Celtics vs. Hawks Game 5 (C quality)

1986 ECF Celtics vs. Bucks Game 3 Bird triple-double (C quality)

1987 ECSF Celtics vs. Bucks Games 4* and 7 (Both replays  - B quality)


1987 ECF Celtics vs. Pistons Games 3, 5 & 7 Includes Bird-Laimbeer fight in Game 3 & famous "Steal by Bird" in game 5 (Game 3: original broadcast - C quality; rest are replays - B quality)


1988 EC 1st Rd Celtics vs. Knicks Game 4 (C quality)


1988 ECSF Celtics vs. Hawks Games 2, 6 & 7 Game 7: 'Nique vs. Bird & their legendary 4th quarter duel; Dominique Wilkins (47 pts) loses the battle to Bird (35 pts - 20 in the 4th) (Game 2 & 6 are replays; Game 7 is Official release - A quality)


1988 ECF Celtics vs. Pistons Games 5 & 6 (Game 5 is replay, Game is original - Both C quality)


1990 EC 1st Celtics vs. Knicks Game 5 (replay - B quality)


1991 EC 1st Rd Celtics vs. Pacers Game 5 Classic shootout between an injured Bird and Pacers' Chuck Person (replay - B quality)


1991 ECSF Celtics vs. Pistons Game 6 (replay - B quality)


1992 EC 1st Rd Celtics vs. Pacers Game 3 (replay - B quality)


1992 ECSF Cavs vs. Celtics Games 3, 4 & 7 Game 7: Larry Bird's final NBA game (Game 7 is original broadcast - C quality; Games 3 & 4 is replay - B quality)



Regular Season

Oct. 12th, 1979 Celtics vs. Rockets Larry Bird's regular season debut  (Radio broadcast while picture montage plays; video of this game is not known to exist - RARE AND NOT FOR COMMON TRADE - B quality)

Jan. 27th, 1980 Celtics vs. Clippers Bird 37 pts (NBA TV Classic Re-Broadcast - B quality)

Nov. 9th, 1984 Celtics vs. 76ers The infamous Bird/Dr. J fight (C quality)

March 3rd, 1985 Celtics vs. Pistons Kevin McHale career-high 56 pts (replay - B quality)

March 12th, 1985 Celtics vs. Hawks Larry Bird career-high 60 pts (I have both the original broadcast - D quality & Official Warner Video DVD transfer - A quality)

Dec. 25th, 1985 Celtics vs. Knicks (NBA TV Classic Re-broadcast - B quality)

Jan. 18th, 1986 Celtics vs. Hawks One of the all-time great games between the 2 rivals - Hawks race to a 27-pt lead at home & make the mistake of trash-talking heading into halftime; A PO'd Celtics team come back, eventually winning in OT; Bird 41 pts; Wilkins 36 pts (B quality)

Feb. 14th, 1986 Celtics vs. Blazers Larry Bird 47 pts & GW shot (ESPN Classic Re-Broadcast - B quality)

March 10th, 1986 Celtics vs. Mavs Bird 50 pts (C quality)

1986 Preseason Celtics vs. Rockets Bird 36 pts & legendary over-the-backboard highlight shot (a feat later duplicated by Kobe) (B quality)

Jan. 2nd, 1987 Celtics vs. Bulls Bird 37 pts (C quality)

Feb. 3rd, 1987 Hawks vs. Celtics Bird 26 pts; Dominique Wilkins 54 pts. (NBA TV Classic Re-broadcast - B quality)

Nov. 7th, 1987 Celtics vs. Bullets Bird 47 pts; Classic game w/ clutch shots throughout by both teams (D quality)

Nov. 18th, 1987 Celtics vs. Knicks One of the all-time great comebacks, Celtics come back from 28-pts down to win in double-OT on a miracle GW tip by Darren Day - all this with Larry Bird and Kevin McHale missing the game (D quality)  

March 20th, 1988 Celtics vs. Bulls Bird 33 pts (C quality) 

Nov. 10th, 1989 Celtics vs. Hawks Bird 50 pts (C quality)

Feb. 14th, 1990 Celtics vs. Spurs Bird 20 pts (C quality)

March 4th, 1990 Celtics vs. Bulls Bird 38 pts (JIP late 1st quarter; ESPN Classic Re-broadcast - B quality)

Nov. 9th, 1990 Celtics vs. Bulls Bird 23 pts (JIP 2-0 1st quarter - C quality)

Nov. 28th, 1990 Celtics vs. Hawks Rare instance where game is cancelled early 2nd quarter due to condensation on floor; game resumes a month later (RARE; C quality) 

March 31st, 1991 Celtics vs. Bulls Bird 34 pts (ESPN Classic Re-broadcast - B quality)

Nov. 6th, 1991 Celtics vs. Bulls Bird 30 pts (C quality)

Nov. 8th, 1991 Celtics vs. Hawks A solemn Bird scores 17 pts day after Magic's shocking retirement announcement; Celtics fans' give Magic standing ovation in show of support (RARE - C quality)

March 11th, 1992 Celtics vs. Bulls Bird 10 pts (broadcast temporarily cuts away in 3rd quarter - C quality)

March 15th, 1992 Celtics vs. Blazers 2OT game; Bird 49 pts with a triple-double (most points scored ever for a triple-double) + clutch 3-pointer to send game into first OT (I have the original broadcast - C quality & Official Warner Video DVD transfer - A quality)

Bird vs. Magic (Reg. & Preseason)

Jan. 13th, 1980 Celtics vs. Lakers Magic & Bird for the first time @ Boston Garden; Bird 14 pts (NBA TV Classic Re-Broadcast - B quality)

Jan. 18th, 1981 Celtics vs. Lakers (C quality)


Feb. 7th, 1982 Celtics vs. Lakers (C quality)

Feb. 14th, 1982 Celtics vs. Lakers Bird 12 pts (C quality)

1982 Pre-Season Celtics vs. Lakers Bird 22 pts (D quality)

Jan. 30th, 1983 Celtics vs. Lakers Bird 21 pts (C quality)


Feb. 23rd, 1983 Celtics vs. Lakers Bird 32 pts (C quality)


Oct. 13th, 1983 Pre-Season Lakers vs. Celtics Bird 25 pts (D quality)

Oct 22nd, 1983 Pre-Season Lakers vs. Celtics Bird 25 pts (C quality)

Feb. 8th, 1984 Celtics vs. Lakers Bird 29 pts (C quality)

Jan. 16th, 1985 Celtics vs. Lakers Bird 19 pts; McHale GW shot (C quality)

Feb. 17th, 1985 Celtics vs. Lakers Magic 37 pts, Bird 33 pts (C quality)

Oct. 8th, 1985 Pre-season Celtics vs. Lakers Magic 33 pts (C quality) 

Jan. 22nd, 1986 Celtics vs. Lakers Bird 19 pts (C quality)

Feb. 16th, 1986 Celtics vs. Lakers Bird 22 pts (C quality)

Dec. 12th, 1986 Celtics vs. Lakers Bird 26 pts (D quality)

Feb. 15th, 1987 Celtics vs. Lakers Bird 20 pts; Magic 39 pts (C quality)

Dec. 11th, 1987 Celtics vs. Lakers Bird 35 pts but Magic 18 pts & hits amazing GW shot (C quality)

Feb. 14th, 1988 Celtics vs. Lakers Bird 25 pts; Magic 22 pts (C quality)

Dec. 15th, 1989 Celtics vs. Lakers Bird 21 pts; Magic 16 pts (C quality)

Feb. 18th, 1990 Celtics vs. Lakers Bird 21 pts; Magic 30 pts (C quality)

Feb. 15th, 1991 Celtics vs. Lakers Last Bird & Magic regular season meeting; Bird 11pts; Magic 21 pts (C quality)

1991 Pre-Season Celtics vs. Lakers Magic & Bird's last ever NBA meeting (RARE - D quality)

Indiana St.

Feb. 6th, 1979 Indiana St. vs. Drake* Bird 33 pts (D quality)

Feb. 24th, 1979 Indiana St. vs. Wichita St. Indiana State's first national TV appearence, Larry Bird comes up big with school record 49 pts. (C quality)

March, 24th, 1979 NCAA Semi-Finals Indiana St. vs. DePaul Bird 35 pts (C quality)

1979 NCAA Championship Game Michigan St. vs. Indiana St. The legendary Magic vs. Bird title game - Analysis and interviews throughout the game (ESPNCL replay - B quality)

March 31st, 1979 NCAA All-Star Game AKA Pizza Hut Classic Larry Bird 19 pts wins MVP; also last college game before turning pro (C quality)



Oct. 29th, 2010 Pacers vs. Bobcats Featuring Bird & MJ in audience (B quality)

Oct 21st, 1988 McDonald's Championships Celtics vs. Yugoslavia Bird 24 pts (Not in english - C quality)

Oct 23rd, 1988 McDonald's Championships Celtics vs. Real Madrid Bird 29 pts (Not in english - C quality)

1988 3-Point Contest Larry Bird wins 3rd straight 3-point shootout (NBATV replay - B quality)

Larry Bird's 1992 Retirement Ceremony ~3 hrs of footage, includes Magic's speech when he ripped off his Laker warm-up revealing a Bird jersey (Original Broadcast - C quality)

1998 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Includes inductees Larry Bird and Lenny Wilkens (NBATV replay - B quality)

Nov. 2nd, 2003 Michigan St. vs Harlem Globetrotters Magic returns and plays while Larry Bird coaches (C quality)

"One on One with Jim Gray" A 2004 roundtable discussion with Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, LeBron James, and Carmelo Anthony. Topics include race and the state of basketball and includes very controversial opinions by Bird. (B quality)

1981 Boston Celtics “The Dynasty Renewed & 1987 Boston Celtics “Home of the Brave” (Both on one disc; NBATV replay – B quality)


1984 Boston Celtics “Pride and Passion” & 1986 Boston Celtics “Sweet Sixteen” (Both on one disc; NBATV replay – B quality)


Larry Bird’s 50 Greatest Moments (NBATV – B quality)


HBO's Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals Documentary featuring Magic and Bird's rise and rivalry that helped saved the NBA (1 1/2 hrs - B quality)  

30 for 30 Celtics/Lakers: Best of Enemies ESPN's three-part series that examines the Magic/Bird Laker/Celtic 80's rivalry (6 hours - B quality)