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John Elway Games

1982 Cal vs. Stanford Also John Elway's last college game - "The Play" Considered by many the greatest college game ever

Recap: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Play (C quality)

Sept. 4th, 1983 Broncos vs. Steelers John Elway's regular season NFL debut (RARE - C quality)
Sept. 11th, 1983 Broncos vs. Colts Elway's first visit to Baltimore since the trade (C quality)
Sept 18th, 1983 Broncos vs. Eagles Elway's 3rd career game (C quality)
Dec. 11th, 1983 Broncos vs. Colts Elway's 1st career 4th-quarter comeback and 300+ yards passing, ironically against the Colts (C quality)
Nov. 18th, 1984 Broncos vs. Vikings John Elway 5 TDs; Broncos 35 first-half points (C quality)
Sept. 29th, 1985 Broncos vs. Dolphins* First Elway/Marino meeting (C quality)
Nov. 11th, 1985 MNF Broncos vs. 49ers "Snowball defense" game; A snowball thrown from the stands distracts 49ers kickholder into a botched hold, refs allow play to stand, Broncos win; Also the first Elway/Montana meeting (C quality)
Dec. 20th, 1985 Broncos vs. Seahawks Elway 432 yards (C quality)
Nov. 23rd, 1986 Broncos vs. Giants (C quality)
Jan. 11th, 1987 AFC Championship Broncos vs. Browns "The Drive"
January 25th, 1987 Super Bowl 21 Giants vs. Broncos (C quality)

Denver Broncos' complete 1987 season

    • Sept. 13th, 1987 Broncos vs. Seahawks (C quality)
    • Sept. 20th, 1987 Broncos vs. Packers (C quality)
    • Week 3 cancelled due to strike
    • Oct 4th, 1987 Broncos vs. Oilers* (NEED)
    • Oct 12th, 1987 Broncos vs. Raiders Elway DNP due to strike (C quality)
    • Oct. 18th, 1987 Broncos vs. Chiefs Elway DNP due to strike (C quality)
    • Oct 26th, 1987 Broncos vs. Vikings (C quality)
    • Nov. 1st, 1987 Broncos vs. Lions (C quality)
    • Nov. 8th, 1987 Broncos vs. Bills (C quality)
    • Nov. 16th, 1987 Broncos vs. Bears (C quality)
    • Nov. 22nd, 1987 Broncos vs. Raiders (C quality)
    • Nov. 29th, 1987 Broncos vs. Chargers* (C quality)
    • Dec. 6th, 1987 Broncos vs. Patriots (C quality)
    • Dec. 13th, 1987 Broncos vs. Seahawks (C quality)
    • Dec. 19th, 1987 Broncos vs. Chiefs* (C quality)
    • Dec. 27th, 1987 Broncos vs. Chargers* (C quality)
Jan. 10th, 1988 AFC Playoffs Broncos vs. Oilers (C quality)
Jan. 17th, 1988 AFC Championship Broncos vs. Browns* "The Fumble"
January 31st, 1988 Super Bowl 22 Redskins vs. Broncos (C quality)
Oct. 9th, 1988 Broncos vs. 49ers Montana & Co. lose to the Broncos (C quality)
Dec. 17th, 1988 Broncos vs. Patriots Tony Dorsett's last NFL game (C quality)
January 28th, 1990 Super Bowl 24 49ers vs. Broncos (C quality)
Jan. 4th, 1992 AFC Playoffs Broncos vs. Oilers Elway's "The Drive II"(C quality)
Jan. 12th, 1992 AFC Championship Broncos vs. Bills Bills' D knock Elway out of the game and win tough defensive game (D quality)
Oct. 12th, 1992 Broncos vs. Redskins Art Monk sets record, at the time, most career receptions (C quality)
Sept. 20th, 1993 Chiefs vs. Broncos Elway loses to Monatana (C quality)

Oct. 10th, 1993 Packers vs. Broncos Elway vs. Favre showdown (B quality)

Dec. 12th, 1993 Chiefs vs. Broncos Montana loses to Elway 27-21 (C quality)
Oct. 17th, 1994 MNF Broncos vs. Chiefs Elway vs. Montana for the last time (C quality)
Sept. 3rd, 1995 Broncos vs. Bills Terrell Davis regular season debut; Also Mike Shanahan's Broncos debut (C quality)
Sept. 17th, 1995 Broncos vs. Redskins Rod Smith's first NFL catch; also a Hail Mary win for the Brocnos (C quality)
Nov. 17th, 1996 Broncos vs. Patriots Shannon Sharpe's "Call in the National Guard!!" sideline taunt (C quality)
Jan. 4th, 1997 AFC Playoffs Broncos vs. Jaguars 9-7 Jags upset Elway and 13-3 Broncos (C quality)
Sept. 21st, 1997 Broncos vs. Bengals Terrell Davis 215 yards rushing (C quality)
Sept. 28th, 1997 Broncos vs. Falcons Elway takes on his ex-coach Dan Reeves for the first time (C quality)
Dec. 15th, 1997 Broncos vs. 49ers Elway vs. Young (C quality)
Jan. 11th, 1998 AFC Championship Broncos vs. Steelers Broncos' D harrass Kordell and advance to Super Bowl (C quality)
January 25th, 1998 Super Bowl 32 Broncos vs. Packers Terrell Davis MVP (C quality)
Sept. 13th, 1998 Broncos vs. Cowboys Terrell Davis slices through Dallas' defense for 177 rushing yards (including TD runs of 63 & 59 yards) - all by halftime; finishes with 191 total yards (C quality)
Oct. 11th, 1998 Broncos vs. Seahawks Terrell Davis 208 yards rushing (C quality)
Dec. 6th, 1998 Broncos vs. Chiefs Elway throws for 400 yards in wild comeback win (C quality)
Dec. 21st, 1998 Broncos vs. Dolphins Final Elway/Marino meeting (C quality)
Dec. 27th, 1998 Broncos vs. Seahawks Terrell Davis reaches 2000 rushing yards mark for the season (C quality)
Jan. 17th, 1999 AFC Championship Broncos vs. Jets Elway's last NFL game at Mile-High (C quality)
January 31st, 1999 Super Bowl 33 Broncos vs. Falcons John Elway MVP (C quality)

NFLTV's John Elway "Champion Forever" (1hr - B quality)