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Joe Montana


1978 Notre Dame vs. Michigan Featuring Joe Montana (C quality)

1978 Notre Dame vs. USC Featuring Joe Montana (C quality)

1978 Cotton Bowl Notre Dame vs. Texas Joe Montana stuns Texas & Earl Campbell and wins National Championship (C quality)

1979 Cotton Bowl Notre Dame vs. Houston "Chicken soup game" Joe Montana overcomes 22-pt 4th quarter deficit with the flu to beat Houston w/ no time left  (C quality)


Regular Season

1979 49ers vs. Rams Joe Montana's 1st NFL pass (RARE; C quality)

Sept. 2nd, 1979 49ers vs. Vikings Joe Montana regular season NFL debut - Bill Walsh's coaching debut also (RARE; C quality)

Dec. 2nd, 1979 49ers vs. Cardinals Montana's first regular season NFL start (C quality)

Dec. 7th, 1980 49ers vs. Saints* Montana's first career comeback, a 28-point halftime deficit - Also still stands as the biggest comeback in a regular season NFL game (C quality)

Nov. 1st, 1981 49ers vs. Steelers Montana vs. Bradshaw - Passing of the torch between 2 dynasty QB's with their one & only meeting (C quality)

Sept. 12th, 1982 49ers vs. Raiders Montana (21-41, 244 yards, 2TDs); Also Marcus Allen's regular season debut (RARE; C quality)

Dec. 11th, 1982 49ers vs. Chargers Montana vs. Fouts in a classic shootout (C quality)

Oct. 23rd, 1983 49ers vs. Rams Montana's 8th career 4th-quarter comeback (C quality)

Nov. 6th, 1983 49ers vs. Dolphins First Montana/Marino meeting (C quality)

Nov. 20th, 1983 49ers vs. Falcons Falcons win on an amazing last second hail mary (C quality)

Sept 2nd, 1984 49ers vs. Lions Montana's 10th career 4th-quarter comeback (C quality)

Oct. 14th, 1984 49ers vs. Steelers Niners only loss of the season (C quality)

Sept. 8th, 1985 49ers vs. Vikings Jerry Rice's regular season NFL debut (RARE; C quality)

Oct. 13th, 1985 49ers vs. Bears Montana loses to the dominant '85 Bears (C quality)

Nov. 11th, 1985 MNF 49ers vs. Broncos "Snowball defense" game; A snowball thrown from the stands distracts 49ers kickholder into a botched hold, refs allow play to stand, Broncos win; Also the first Montana/Elway meeting (C quality)

Dec. 9th, 1985 49ers vs. Rams Jerry Rice 241 yards (C quality)

Nov. 17th, 1986 MNF 49ers vs. Redskins Montana 441 yards (C quality)

Dec. 1st, 1986 49ers vs. Giants (C quality)

Dec. 14th, 1986 49ers vs. Patriots Montana's 13th career 4th-quarter comeback (C quality)

Sept. 20th, 1987 49ers vs. Bengals Montana's 14th career 4th-quarter comeback (C quality)

Oct. 18th, 1987 49ers vs. Cardinals Montana's 15th career 4th-quarter comeback (C quality)

Oct. 27th, 1987 49ers vs. Saints Montana's 16th career 4th-quarter comeback (C quality)

San Francisco 49ers' complete 1988 season

    • Sept. 4th, 1988 49ers vs. Saints (C quality)
    • Sept. 11th, 1988 49ers vs. Giants Montana's 17th career 4th-quarter comeback (C quality)
    • Sept. 18th, 1988 49ers vs. Falcons (C quality)
    • Sept. 25th, 1988 49ers vs. Seahawks (C quality)
    • Oct. 2nd, 1988 49ers vs. Lions (C quality)
    • Oct 9th, 1988 49ers vs. Broncos (C quality)
    • Oct 16th, 1988 49ers vs. Rams Montana's 18th career 4th-quarter comeback (C quality)
    • Oct 24th, 1988 49ers vs. Bears (C quality)
    • Oct. 30th, 1988 49ers vs. Vikings Featuring Steve Young's legendary GW 49-yard TD run (C quality)
    • Nov. 6th, 1988 49ers vs. Cardinals (C quality)
    • Nov. 13th, 1988 49ers vs. Raiders (C quality)
    • Nov. 21st, 1988 49ers vs. Redskins (C quality)
    • Nov. 27th, 1988 49ers vs. Chargers (C quality)
    • Dec. 4th, 1988 49ers vs. Falcons (C quality)
    • Dec. 11th, 1988 49ers vs. Saints (C quality)
    • Dec. 18th, 1988 49ers vs. Rams (C quality)

San Francisco 49ers' complete 1989 season

    • Sept. 10th, 1989 49ers vs. Colts (C quality)
    • Sept. 17th, 1989 49ers vs. Buccs Montana's 20th career 4th-quarter comeback (C quality)
    • Sept. 24th, 1989 49ers vs. Eagles Montana 428 yards (C quality)
    • Oct. 1st, 1989 49ers vs. Rams (C quality)
    • Oct 8th, 1989 49ers vs. Saints (C quality)
    • Oct 15th, 1989 49ers vs. Cowboys (C quality)
    • Oct 22nd, 1989 49ers vs. Patriots (C quality)
    • Oct 29th, 1989 49ers vs. Jets (C quality)
    • Nov. 6th, 1989 49ers vs. Saints (C quality)
    • Nov. 12th, 1989 49ers vs. Falcons (C quality)
    • Nov. 19th, 1989 49ers vs. Packers (C quality)
    • Nov. 27th, 1989 49ers vs. Giants (C quality)
    • Dec. 3rd, 1989 49ers vs. Falcons (C quality)
    • Dec. 11th, 1989 49ers vs. Rams* John Taylor two 90-yard catches (C quality)
    • Dec. 17th, 1989 49ers vs. Bills (C quality)
    • Dec. 24th, 1989 49ers vs. Bears (C quality)


Sept. 10th, 1990 49ers vs. Saints Montana's 22nd career 4th-quarter comeback (C quality)

Oct. 7th, 1990 49ers vs. Oilers Montana's 24th career 4th-quarter comeback (C quality)

Oct. 14th, 1990 49ers vs. Falcons Montana career-highs 476 yards & 6 TD's; Rice 225 yards, 5TD's (C quality)

Dec. 10th, 1990 49ers vs. Bengals Montana's 26th career 4th-quarter comeback (C quality)

Dec. 20th, 1992 49ers vs. Buccs* Joe Montana was activated to play coming off the 1990 injury but DNP - his comeback would be the next game vs. the Lions (C quality)

Dec. 28th, 1992 MNF 49ers vs Lions Joe Montana's dramatic comeback after missing 2 years (31 games) & final game as a Niner (C quality)


Sept. 5th, 1993 Chiefs vs. Buccs Montana's regular season KC debut (C quality)

Sept. 20th, 1993 Chiefs vs. Broncos Joe Montana wins his debut @ Arrowhead over Elway and the Broncos 15-7 (C quality)

Oct. 3rd, 1993 Chiefs vs. Raiders* Montana and the Chiefs win 24-9 (C quality)

Nov. 8th, 1993 Chiefs vs. Packers Montana DNP (C quality)

Nov. 14th, 1993 Chiefs vs. Raiders (C quality)

Dec. 5th, 1993 Chiefs vs. Seahawks Chiefs win 31-16 (B quality)

Dec. 12th, 1993 Chiefs vs. Broncos Montana loses to Elway 27-21 (C quality)

Dec. 19th, 1993 Chiefs vs. Chargers Montana and the Chiefs win 28-24 (C quality)

Sept. 11th, 1994 Chiefs vs. 49ers Ex-teammates, now bitter rivals, Joe Montana vs. Steve Young (C quality)

Oct. 17th, 1994 MNF Chiefs vs. Broncos Joe Montana vs. John Elway for the last time (C quality)

Oct. 23rd, 1994 Chiefs vs. Seahawks (C quality)

Dec. 15th, 1997 Broncos vs 49ers Montana's # retired @ halftime (C quality)

NFLTV's Jerry Rice "Catching History" (1hr - B quality)

NFLTV's Joe Montana "The Fire Inside" (1hr - B quality)

Playoffs & Super Bowls

Jan. 3rd, 1982 NFC Playoffs 49ers vs. Giants Montana's first playoff game (C quality)


Jan. 10th, 1982 NFC Championship 49ers vs. Cowboys Montana's legendary game "The Catch"; (rumor has it four-year old Tom Brady was sitting in the end zone)

Recap: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Catch_%28American_football%29 (C quality)

Jan. 24th, 1982 Super Bowl 16 49ers vs. Bengals MVP Montana completed 14 of 22 passes for 157 yards (C quality)

Dec. 31st, 1983 NFC Playoffs 49ers vs. Lions (C quality)

Jan. 8th, 1984 NFC Championship Redskins vs. 49ers 49ers come back from 21-0 4th quarter deficit but lose (C quality) 

Jan. 6th, 1985 NFC Championship 49ers vs. Bears Niners shutout Bears (C quality)

Jan. 20th, 1985 Super Bowl 19 49ers vs. Dolphins MVP Montana completed 24 of 35 passes for 331 yards & 3TD's, and 59 rushing yards (C quality)

Dec. 29th, 1985 NFC Playoffs Giants vs. 49ers Giants dominate Niners, win 17-3 (C quality)

Jan. 4th, 1987 NFC Playoffs Giants vs. 49ers Niners lose again 49-3 (C quality)

Jan. 9th, 1988 NFC Playoffs Vikings vs. 49ers Vikings upset Niners; Vikings' Carter playoff record 227 rec. yards (C quality)

Jan. 1st, 1989 NFC Playoffs 49ers vs. Vikings Rice 3 TD catches (C quality)

Jan. 8th, 1989 NFC Championship 49ers vs. Bears Playing in -26 degrees wind chill, Montana throws for 288 yards, 3TD's as the Niners dominate the Bears (C quality)

Jan. 22nd, 1989 Super Bowl 23 49ers vs. Bengals Montana's classic Super Bowl winning drive - completed 23 of 36 passes for 357 yards, 2TD's

Jan. 6th, 1990 NFC Playoffs 49ers vs. Vikings (C quality)

Jan. 14th, 1990 NFC Championship 49ers vs. Rams Montana (26 of 30, 262 yards) dominate Rams with 30-3 win (C quality)

Jan. 28th, 1990 Super Bowl 24 49ers vs. Broncos MVP Montana completed 22 of 29 passes for 297 yards, 5TD's

Jan. 20th, 1991 NFC Championship Giants vs. 49ers Montana's infamous blindside sack; out for almost 2 seasons because of this hit (C quality)

Jan. 8th, 1994 AFC Playoffs Chiefs vs. Steelers Montana's 28th career 4th-quarter comeback (C quality)

Jan. 16th, 1994 AFC Playoffs Chiefs vs. Oilers Montana's 29th career 4th-quarter comeback (C quality)

Jan. 23rd, 1994 AFC Championship Chiefs vs. Bills Bills dominate Montana and the Chiefs; win 30-13 (C quality)

Dec. 31st, 1994 AFC Wild-Card Chiefs vs. Dolphins Montana's last NFL game (C quality)