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Durant High School

Durant College

Durant/Westbrook Playoffs

2010 WC 1st Rd Lakers vs. Thunder (6 Game Series, missing game 4) (B quality) 

2011 WC 1st Rd. Thunder vs. Nuggets (Complete - All 5 Games) Games 1 & 5: Durant 41 pts each (B quality)

2011 WCSF Thunder vs. Grizzlies (Complete - All 7 Games) Game 3: Randolph 21 pts, 21 rebs; Game 4: 3OT classic incl. Westbrook 40 pts; Gasol 26 pts, 21 rebs; Game 7: Durant 39 pts (B quality)

2011 WCF Mavs vs. Thunder (Complete - All 5 Games) Game 1: Nowitzki 48 pts (12-15 FG, 24-24 FT); Durant 40 pts; Game 4: Nowitzki 40 pts (B quality)

2012 WC 1st Rd. Thunder vs. Mavs Game 1 (B quality)

2012 WCSF Lakers vs. Thunder (Complete - All 5 Games) Game 5: Kobe 42 pts (B quality)


2012 WCF Spurs vs. Thunder (Complete - All 6 Games) After Spurs jump out to 2-0 series lead incl. a 20-game regular to post-season win streak, OKC storms back and backdoor sweeps the Spurs (B quality)


2012 NBA FINALS Heat vs. Thunder (Complete - All 5 Games) (LeBron James MVP) Each game includes post-game interviews; I also have the Heat championship parade (B quality)

2013 WC 1st Rd. Thunder vs. Rockets (Complete - All 6 Games) (B quality)

2013 WCSF Grizzlies vs. Thunder (5 Games series, missing game 2) (B quality)

2014 WC 1st Rd. Thunder vs. Grizzlies (7 Game series, missing games 2 & 4) (B quality)
2014 WCSF Thunder vs. Clippers (Complete - All 6 Games) (B quality)

2014 WCF Spurs vs. Thunder (Complete - All 6 Games) (B quality)


2016 WC 1st Rd. Thunder vs. Mavs (Complete - All 5 Games) (B quality)

2016 WCSF Thunder vs. Spurs (6 Game series - missing game 1) (B quality)

2016 WCF Thunder vs. Warriors (Complete - All 7 Games) (B quality)

Durant: Post-Thunder

2017 WC 1st Rd. Warriors vs. Blazers (Complete - All 4 Games) (B quality)

2017 WC 1st Rd. Warriors vs. Jazz  (Complete - All 4 Games) (B quality)

2017 WCF Warriors vs. Spurs (Complete - All 4 Games) (B quality)

2017 NBA FINALS Warriors vs. Cavs  (Complete - All 5 Games) (Kevin Durant MVP) Each game includes post-game interviews; I also have the Warriors' downtown celebration parade (B quality) 

2018 WC 1st Rd. Warriors vs. Spurs (Complete - All 5 Games) (B quality)

2018 WCSF Rd. Warriors vs. Pelicans (5 Games Series, missing game 2) (B quality)

2018 WCF Rd. Warriors vs. Rockets  (Complete - All 7 Games) (B quality)

2019 WC 1st Rd. Warriors vs. Clippers (6 Games Series) (B quality)

2019 WCSF Rd. Warriors vs. Rockets (6 Game Series - missing game 6) (B quality)

2019 WCF Warriors vs. Blazers (Complete - All 4 Games) (B  quality)

Westbrook: Post-Durant

2017 WC 1st Rd. Thunder vs. Rockets (Complete - All 5 Games) (B quality)

2018 WC 1st Rd. Thunder vs. Jazz (6 Games Series, missing games 1 & 5) (B quality)

2019 WC 1st Rd. Thunder vs. Blazers (5 Games Series, missing game 1) (B quality)


2007 NBA Draft Featuring Kevin Durant (B quality)

July 16th, 2008 Sweat Mob vs. Shooters Kevin Durant 60 pts incl. ten 3-pointers; Gerald Brown 40 pts (RARE; C quality)

High School Phenoms "Before They Were Pros" Vol. 2
(Features partial games and highlights such as RARE footage from the Beach Ball Classic slam dunk contest with Kobe dunking in his Lower Merion high school jeresy, Kobe's HS championship game, Kobe in the '96 MCD's game, Kobe's press conference announcing his decision to enter the draft, Kevin Garnett in the '95 MCD's game, a Mauldine high school feature featuring Garnett, Kevin Durant, Greg Oden, in the '06 MCD's game, Kevin Durant in the '06 Jordan Classic, a high school game featuring Durant, 3 high school games featuring Oden, Carlos Boozer in the '99 MCD's game (Official release - A quality) 

2014 MVP Press Conference Featuring Kevin Durant (B quality)

2015 Richard Sherman Celebrity Softball Tournament Featuring Kevin Durant (B quality)