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Dan Marino Games


1981 Pitt vs. Penn St. Star Junior Dan Marino gets trounced 48-14 (C quality)

Jan. 1st, 1982 Sugar Bowl Pitt vs. Georgia Marino vs. Herschel Walker (C quality)

Sept. 9th, 1982 Pitt vs. North Carolina Marino holds off UNC in 7-6 defensive battle (C quality)

1982 Pitt vs. Penn St. Senior Dan Marino takes on Penn St. star Todd Blackledge (C quality)


1983 NFL Draft Includes Dan Marino selection (C quality)

Aug. 6th, 1983 Preseason Dolphins vs. Cowboys Marino starts the second half in his first ever game in a Dolphins uniform, throws for 176y, TD (RARE - D quality)

Aug. 19th, 1983 Preseason Dolphins vs. Redskins Marino starts second half again, throws for 91y, TD (RARE - D quality)

Sept. 11th, 1983 Dolphins vs. Patriots Marino DNP (D quality)

Sept. 19th, 1983 Dolphins vs. Raiders Marino 90y, 2Tds & regular season debut (RARE - D quality)

Oct. 9th, 1983 Dolphins vs. Bills Marino 322y, 3TDs & first ever NFL start (C quality)

Oct. 23rd, 1983 Dolphins vs. Colts Mud game for Marino, throws for 157y, 2TDs (C quality)

Nov. 6th, 1983 Dolphins vs. 49ers First Marino/Montana meeting, Marino 194y, 2TDs (C quality)

Dec. 31st, 1983 AFC Playoffs Dolphins vs. Seahawks Marino's 1st trip to the NFL playoffs is a loss (C quality)

  • Aug. 24th, 1984 Preseason Dolphins vs. Buccs (C quality)
  • Sept. 2nd, 1984 Week 1 Dolphins @ Redskins Marino 311y, 5TD (D quality)
  • Sept. 9th, 1984 Week 2 Patriots @ Dolphins Marino 234y, 2TD (C quality)
  • Sept. 17th, 1984 Week 3 Dolphins @ Bills Marino 296y, 3TD (C quality)
  • Sept. 23rd, 1984 Week 4 Colts @ Dolphins Marino 257y, 2TD (C quality)
  • Sept. 30th, 1984 Week 5 Dolphins @ Cardinals Marino 429y, 3TD (D quality)
  • Oct. 7th, 1984 Week 6 Dolphins @ Steelers Marino 226y, 2TD (D quality)
  • Oct. 14th, 1984 Week 7 Oilers @ Dolphins Marino 321y, 3TD (D quality)
  • Oct. 21st, 1984 Week 8 Dolphins @ Patriots 316y, 4TD (C quality)
  • Oct. 28th, 1984 Week 9 Bills @ Dolphins Marino 282, 3TD (D quality)
  • Nov. 4th, 1984 Week 10 Dolphins @ Jets Marino 422y, 2TD (D quality)
  • Nov. 11th, 1984 Week 11 Eagles @ Dolphins Marino 246y, TD (C quality)
  • Nov. 18th, 1984 Week 12 Dolphins @ Chargers Marino 338y, 2TD (C quality)
  • Nov. 26th, 1984 Week 13 Jets @ Dolphins Marino 192y, 4TD (C quality)
  • Dec. 2nd, 1984 Week 14 Raiders @ Dolphins Marino 470y, 4TD (C quality)
  • Dec. 9th, 1984 Week 15 Dolphins @ Colts Marino 404y, 4TD (C quality)
  • Dec. 17th, 1984 Week 16 Cowboys @ Dolphins Marino 340y, 4TD (C quality)
  • Dec. 29th, 1984 AFC Playoffs Dolphins vs. Seahawks (C quality)
  • Jan. 6th, 1985 AFC Championship Dolphins vs. Steelers (C quality)
  • Jan. 20th, 1985 Super Bowl 19 Dolphins vs. 49ers (C quality)

Sept. 29th, 1985 Dolphins vs. Broncos* First Marino/Elway meeting, Marino 390y, 3TDs (C quality)

Oct. 6th, 1985 Dolphins vs. Steelers Marino 277y, TD, 3 INTs (C quality)

Dec. 2nd, 1985 MNF Dolphins vs. Bears Marino's (270y, 3TDs) magical MNF game - ends Bears' undefeated season

Dec. 8th, 1985 Dolphins vs. Packers Snow game for Marino, throws for 345y, 5TDs (C quality)

Jan. 4th, 1986 AFC Playoffs Dolphins vs. Browns Marino 238y, TD (C quality)

Sept. 21st, 1986 Dolphins vs. Jets Marino (448y, 6TDs) vs. Jets' O'Brien (5TDs) in a high-scoring shootout - teams combine for 96 pts (C quality)

Nov. 10th, 1986 Dolphins vs. Browns Marino 295y, 2 TDs (C quality)

Dec. 14th, 1986 Dolphins vs. Rams Marino 403y, 5TDs (C quality)

Dec. 22nd, 1986 Dolphins vs. Patriots Marino 266y, 3TDs & last game @ Orange Bowl (C quality)

Aug. 24th, 1987 Preseason Dolphins vs. Broncos (C quality)

Nov. 1st, 1987 Dolphins vs. Steelers Marino 332y, 4TDs (C quality)

Nov. 22nd, 1987 Dolphins vs. Cowboys Marino 265y, TD (C quality)

Dec. 6th, 1987 Dolphins vs. Jets Marino 293y, TD (C quality)

Dec. 20th, 1987 Dolphins vs. Redskins Marino 393y, 3TDs (C quality)

Oct. 23rd, 1988 Dolphins vs. Jets Marino's career-high 521y passing

Dec. 12th, 1988 MNF Dolphins vs. Browns Marino 404y, 4TDs (C quality)

Nov. 19th, 1989 Dolphins vs. Cowboys Marino 255y, TD (C quality)

Nov. 26th, 1989 Dolphins vs. Steelers Severe rain game; Marino 128y, TD (C quality)

Dec. 9th, 1990 Dolphins vs. Eagles OT win for Marino, throws for 365y & 2TDs (C quality; r2)

Jan. 5th, 1991 AFC Playoffs Dolphins vs. Chiefs Huge 4th quarter comeback win for Marino, throws for 221y, 2TDs (D quality)

Jan. 12th, 1991 AFC Playoffs Dolphins vs. Bills Marino 323y, 3TDs, 2INTs (C quality)

Nov. 24th, 1991 Dolphins vs. Bears Marino 183y, TD (C quality)

Dec. 6th, 1992 Dolphins vs. 49ers Marino 192y, 0TDs (C quality)

Jan. 10th, 1993 AFC Playoffs Dolphins vs. Chargers Marino 167y, 3TDs (C quality; r2)

Jan. 17th, 1993 AFC Championship Dolphins vs. Bills Bills' D dominates Marino & the Fins (C quality)

Oct. 4th, 1993 Dolphins vs. Redskins Marino 253y, TD (C quality)

Oct. 10th, 1993 Dolphins vs. Browns Marino tears his Achillies - out for the season (C quality)

Nov. 25th, 1993 Dolphins vs. Cowboys Leon Lett's infamous Thanksgiving Day blunder, Marino DNP (C quality)

Sept. 5th, 1994 Dolphins vs. Patriots Marino's first game back since Achillies Tear, throws for 473y, 5TDs (C quality)

Sept. 11th, 1994 Dolphins vs. Packers Favre (362y, 2TDs) outduels Marino (177y, 2TDs) but Dolphins win anyway (C quality)

Sept. 25th, 1994 Dolphins vs. Vikings Marino 431y, 3TDs (C quality)

Nov. 27th, 1994 Dolphins vs. Jets Marino 359y, 4TDs & legendary fake-spike game AKA "clock play" (C quality)

Dec. 25th, 1994 Dolphins vs. Lions Marino 285y (C quality)

Dec. 31st, 1994 AFC Playoffs Dolphins vs. Chiefs Marino 257y, 2TDs vs. Montana; Also Montana's last NFL game (C quality)

Jan. 8th, 1995 AFC Playoffs Dolphins vs. Chargers Marino's 262y, 3TDs; Stoyanovich misses GW FG (C quality)

Oct. 1st, 1995 Dolphins vs. Bengals "Shula Bowl II" Marino 450y, 2TDs (C quality)

Nov. 26th, 1995 Dolphins vs. Colts Marino 194y, TD & sets all-time TD record (C quality)

Aug. 19th, 1996 Preseason Dolphins vs. Vikings (C quality) 

Sept. 14th, 1997 Dolphins vs. Buccs Marino 235y, 2TDs (C quality)

Dec. 7th, 1997 Dolphins vs. Lions Marino 310y, 2TDs vs. Barry Sanders 137y (C quality; r2)

Dec. 28th, 1997 AFC Playoffs Dolphins vs. Patriots Marino 141y, 2INTs (C quality)

Sept. 6th, 1998 Dolphins vs. Colts First Marino/Manning Meeting; Marino throws for 135y, TD (C quality)

Nov. 8th, 1998 Dolphins vs. Colts Marino vs. Manning (C quality)

Dec. 21st, 1998 Dolphins vs. Broncos Final Marino/Elway meeting; Marino throws for 355y, 4TDs (C quality)

Dec. 28th, 1998 Dolphins vs. Falcons Marino 320y, TD (C quality)

Jan. 2nd, 1999 AFC Playoffs Dolphins vs. Bills Marino 235y, TD vs. Doug Flutie 360y, TD (C quality)

Sept. 13th, 1999 Dolphins vs. Broncos Marino 215y, 2TDs (C quality)

Sept. 19th, 1999 Dolphins vs. Cardinals Marino 221y, TD (C quality; r2)

Oct. 10th, 1999 Dolphins vs. Colts Marino 393y, 2TDs (C quality)

Dec. 5th, 1999 Dolphins vs. Colts Last Marino/Manning meeting; Marino throws for 313y, 3TDs (C quality)

Dec. 19th, 1999 Dolphins vs. Chargers Marino 241y, 0TDs (C quality)

Jan. 9th, 2000 AFC Playoffs Dolphins vs. Seahawks Marino 192y, TD & last ever win - a 4th quarter comeback (C quality)

Jan. 15th, 2000 AFC Playoffs Dolphins vs. Jaguars Marino's last NFL game - a sad day for Dolfans as Marino & the Dolphins lost 62-7 (C quality)

March 13th, 2000 Dan Marino's Retirement Press Conference 2 hrs of local coverage (C quality)

Aug. 7th, 2005 NFL Hall of Fame Ceremony Featuring Dan Marino's speech (B quality)


ESPN's SportsCentury Don Shula (C quality)


Charile Rose Dan Marino interview circa 2001 (B quality)


NFLTV's Dan Marino "Heart of a Champion" (1hr - B quality)

NFL TV's "A Football Life" Profiles Dan Marino (2017 - B quality)