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Mike Tyson Fights

Mike Tyson's Complete Fight Collection (13 Discs) (C quality)

Here is what is included:

50 Wins, 6 Losses, 2 No Contest, 44 Knockouts


Mar. 6 -- Hector Mercedes, Albany, N.Y., TKO 1
Apr. 10 -- Trent Singleton, Albany, N.Y., TKO 1
May 23 -- Don Halpern, Albany, N.Y., KO 4
June 20 -- Rick Spain, Atlantic City, N.J., KO 1
July 11 -- John Alderson, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 2
July 19 -- Larry Sims, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., KO 3
Aug. 15 -- Lorenzo Canady, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 1
Sept. 5 -- Michael Johnson, Atlantic City, N.J., KO 1
Oct. 9 -- Donnie Long, Atlantic City, N.J., KO 1
Oct. 25 -- Robert Colay, Atlantic City, N.J., KO 1
Nov. 1 -- Sterling Benjamin, Latham, N.Y., TKO 1
Nov. 13 -- Eddie Richardson, Houston, KO 1
Nov. 22 -- Conroy Nelson, Latham, N.Y., KO 2
Dec. 6 -- Sammy Scaff, New York, KO 1
Dec. 27 -- Mark Young, Latham, N.Y., KO 1


Jan. 10 -- Dave Jaco, Albany, N.Y., TKO 1
Jan. 24 -- Mike Jamison, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 5
Feb. 16 -- Jesse Ferguson, Troy, N.Y., W DSQ 6
Mar. 10 -- Steve Zouski, Uniondale, N.Y., KO 3
May 3 -- James Tillis, Glen Falls, N.Y., W 10
May 20 -- Mitch Green, New York, W 10
June 13 -- Reggie Gross, New York, TKO 1
June 28 -- William Hosea, Troy, N.Y., KO 1
July 11 -- Lorenzo Boyd, Swan Lake, N.Y., KO 2
July 26 -- Marvis Frazier, Glen Falls, N.Y., KO 1
Aug. 17 -- Jose Ribalta, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 10
Sept. 6 -- Alfonzo Ratliff, Las Vegas, KO 2
Nov. 22 -- Trevor Berbick, Las Vegas, TKO 2
(Won WBC Heavyweight Title)


Mar.7 -- James Smith, Las Vegas, W 12
(Won WBA Heavyweight Title/Retained WBC Heavyweight Title)
May 30 -- Pinklon Thomas, Las Vegas, TKO 6
(Retained WBA/WBC Heavyweight Titles)
Aug. 1 -- Tony Tucker, Las Vegas, W 12
(Won IBF Heavyweight Title/Retained WBA/WBC Heavyweight Titles/Became Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion)
Oct. 16 -- Tyrell Biggs, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 7
(Retained Undisputed World Heavyweight Title)


Jan. 22 -- Larry Holmes, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 4
(Retained Undisputed World Heavyweight Title)
Mar. 21 -- Tony Tubbs, Tokyo, Japan, TKO 2
(Retained Undisputed World Heavyweight Title)
June 27 -- Michael Spinks, Atlantic City, N.J., KO 1
(Retained Undisputed World Heavyweight Title)


Feb. 25 -- Frank Bruno, Las Vegas, TKO 5
(Retained Undisputed World Heavyweight Title)
July 21 -- Carl Williams, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 1
(Retained Undisputed World Heavyweight Title)


Feb. 11 -- James Douglas, Tokyo, Japan, KO by 10
(Lost World Heavyweight Title)
June 16 -- Henry Tillman, Las Vegas, KO 1
Dec. 8 -- Alex Stewart, Atlantic City, N.J., KO 1


Mar. 18 -- Donovan Ruddock, Las Vegas, TKO 7
June 28 -- Donovan Ruddock, Las Vegas, W 12


Aug. 19 -- Peter McNeeley, Las Vegas, W DSQ 1
Dec. 16 -- Buster Mathis, Jr., Philadelphia, KO 3


Mar. 16 -- Frank Bruno, Las Vegas, TKO 3
(Won WBC Heavyweight Title)
Sept. 7 -- Bruce Seldon, Las Vegas, TKO 1
(Won WBA Heavyweight Title)
Nov. 9 -- Evander Holyfield, Las Vegas, TKO by 11
(Lost WBA Heavyweight Title)


June 28 -- Evander Holyfield, Las Vegas, L DQ 3
(For WBA Heavyweight Title)


Jan. 16 -- Francois Botha, Las Vegas, KO 5
Oct. 23 -- Orlin Norris, Las Vegas, NC 1


Jan. 29 -- Julius Francis, Manchester, England, TKO 2
June 24 -- Lou Savarese, Glasgow, Scotland, TKO 1
Oct. 20 -- Andrew Golota, Detroit, NC 3


Oct. 13 -- Brian Nielsen, Copenhagen, Denmark, TKO 7


June 8 -- Lennox Lewis, Memphis, Tennessee, KO by 8
(For WBC and IBF heavyweight title)


Feb. 22 -- Clifford Etienne, Memphis, Tennessee, KO 1


July 30 -- Danny Williams, Louisville, KY, KO by 4


June 11 -- Kevin McBride, Washington, DC, TKO by 6
Referee Joe Cortez stops the fight when Tyson doesn't come out for Round 7.

Tyson announces his retirement after the fight.



Tyson Videos

  • Ringside: The Best Of Mike Tyson


ESPN CLASSIC brings viewers original footage of classic fights, interspersed with stories, perspective and analysis from some of the most notable personalities in boxing. Relive all the action from his tumultuous and spectacular twenty year career. (2 discs, 6+ hrs running time. RARE & NOT FOR COMMON TRADE AS THIS IS OUT OF PRINT - CHECK OUT AMAZON.COM PRICES FOR THIS DVD)

Here's the list of fights on the set:

Mike Tyson vs. Ricky Spain
Mike Tyson vs. John Alderson
Mike Tyson vs. Michael Johnson
Mike Tyson vs. Donnie Long
Mike Tyson vs. Robert Colay
Mike Tyson vs. Sterling Benjamin
Mike Tyson vs. Richardson
Mike Tyson vs. Sammy Scaff
Mike Tyson vs. Mike Young
Mike Tyson vs. Mike Jameson
Mike Tyson vs. Jesse Ferguson
Mike Tyson vs. Steve Zouski
Mike Tyson vs. James Tillis
Mike Tyson vs. Trevor Berbick
Mike Tyson vs. Larry Holmes
Mike Tyson vs. Michael Spinks
Mike Tyson vs. Frank Bruno
Mike Tyson vs. James "Buster" Douglas


  • Tyson: A James Toback Documentary


In his younger days, the former heavyweight champ liked to say, "No one really knows Mike Tyson." Director James Toback, who befriended him while making 1999’s Black and White, allows Tyson to speak for himself as he illustrates his words through archival footage and fight clips, culminating in a subjective portrait that begins in empathy before ending somewhere more enigmatic. Neglected as a child, the Brooklyn-born youth took solace in his pigeons--much like Marlon Brando's boxer in On the Waterfront--before turning to stealing and brawling in his teens until legendary trainer Cus D'Amato spotted his talent and helped him to develop the discipline and self-confidence he lacked. Tyson fought many of his most famous bouts after D'Amatos death, but never quite recovered from the loss. Toback tracks the fighter’s rise in the 1980s, followed by his fall in the '90s and ‘00s: the turbulent marriage to actress Robin Givens, the infamous ear-biting incident, and the notorious rape conviction (about which he maintains his innocence). The filmmaker captures his now-retired subject in a reflective mood, and Tyson comes across as considerably more humble and eloquent than his reputation suggests--he describes boxing impresario Don King as "wretched, reptilian, and slimy" and has a special fondness for the word "skullduggery"--but continues to battle loneliness and feelings of abandonment, even fighting back a few tears at times. Tyson may disappoint those looking for the trash-talking pugilist of old, but Toback proves there's more to Iron Mike than meets the eye.

  • Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson (Documentary - 1993)

He was the best loved boxing champion since Muhammad Ali. But Mike Tyson's extraordinary rise to fame was matched by his shocking fall from grace. His controversial story, from juvenile to international hero to convicted rapist, is told here in full. Oscar winning director Barbara Kopple pulls no punches in this unauthorized biography. Through rare footage and exclusive interviews, she explores the legend: young Mike's relationship with his 'half-crazy, half-blind' mentor Gus D'Amato, his phenomenal killer instinct, his tumultuous marriage to actress Robin Givens, his association with Don King and eventual rape charge that brought him down. Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson speaks with those who know Mike privately and professionally, and goes behind the scenes to craft a fascinating portrait of a man for whom violence was both a job and a way of life.


  • Beyond the Glory: Tyson
  • The Biography Channel: Tyson 
  • SportsCentury: Tyson 
  • 30-for-30 (42 to 1: Tyson) (2018)
  • Mike versus Tyson 
  • Tyson Youtube Compilation - This is a compilation of videos I put together found on Youtube that has various professionals and amateurs examining Tyson's psyche, style and life -- 4 hours long, very insightful 

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